How to Watch Raiders vs Cardinals Online without Cable

There are questions as to whether or not Derek Carr will able to perform in the same way now that he’s playing without left tackle, Donald Penn. Carr is working with other tackles, but whether or not he will be successful remains to be seen. You can find out in the preseason opener when you watch Raiders vs Cardinals online.

The Raiders vs Cardinals kick off takes place on Saturday, August 12 at 10 p.m. ET. You can take your pick between the Raiders vs Cardinals live stream online or you can watch the game on your TV when it airs!


Watch Raiders vs Cardinals Online on NFL Game Pass

One way to watch the Raiders vs Cardinals live stream is with NFL Game Pass. NFL Game Pass offers all out-of-market preseason games as they air, in live stream. In-market games are accessible via local channels or you can watch them on-demand as soon as the game ends. You can sign up for NFL Game Pass for $99/season. Also included are all 256 regular season games on-demand. You can also watch any game dating back to the 2009 season in the on-demand library!

A 7-day trial is yours if you want it! This is a good way to watch Raiders vs Cardinals online free. You can learn more in our NFL Game Pass review.


Use Your Antenna to Watch the Raiders vs Cardinals Live Stream

Another option is to watch Raiders vs Cardinals on your TV. Every NFL game airs on local channels, which means that you can watch the Raiders vs Cardinals live stream for free with an antenna. Having an antenna is important if you’re a cord cutter as most locations won’t receive live streaming local channels when streaming. You can even pair your antenna with an over-the-air DVR, which would allow you to watch Raiders vs Cardinals online free when you pair your DVR to your streaming devices.

We have a streaming guide for the Raiders if you’re looking for additional games to watch online. If you want even more information you can look to the official Raiders and Cardinals pages.

You can check out our guides – the NFL streaming guide and how to watch sports online if you have any additional questions!