How to Watch Reign Online without Cable

Reign, a period drama set in France as young Mary Stewart prepares to secure her place in European royalty and return to Scotland a queen, is coming back to the CW for an all new season starting February 10 at 9 p.m. ET. This lush drama is made for the young adult and millennial audience, so we know there are plenty of cord cutters looking at their options to watch Reign online without cable.

Here is our guide to discuss the Reign live stream and more.


Watch Reign Online Free with the CW App


Up until last year, Hulu would have been our first suggestion to watch Reign online without cable. But, then the CW struck a new deal and their shows are no longer on the popular streaming site.

But, fans don’t have to miss out. The CW has their very own app where you can watch Reign streaming for free. It offers about 5 episodes of their shows at a time, so you can keep up with all of your CW favorites, from Reign to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and more. It doesn’t require a pay TV login at all. And you can watch it streaming on any device in your home or on the go. While there isn’t a great way to watch the Reign live stream, the CW still has you covered.


Stream Reign on Netflix


However, the same deal that removed Reign streaming from Hulu has made Netflix a better option. Unlike most series, which tend to appear on Netflix about a year after they’ve aired, the new deal with the CW means they will stream the complete new season 8 days after the season finale airs. This means, if you can’t stream Reign on-demand with the CW app, you can wait and watch it at your own convenience just a little over a week after the newest season is complete. You can savor or binge, it will be up to you.

Learn more about Netflix at their website.


How Else Can You Watch Reign Online Without Cable?

While this isn’t technically “online” we do want to make sure you know that you can stream CW over the air with a digital antenna and DVR combination. CW is a broadcast network, so if you get reception for the channel, you can watch the Reign live stream for free for just the cost of the antenna.

You can also stream Reign by buying it online with Amazon Instant Video. You can’t watch Reign online free with Amazon Prime, but you can buy it by the episode or for a complete season. And the newest episodes will be available the day after they air if you pre-buy the newest season.

Did we answer your questions about how to watch Reign online? Ask below in the comments if there is anything else you want to know.