How to Watch Reno, Set, Go Online without Cable


We all know someone that has had a tough break or two. In Reno, Set, Go, those people are rewarded by family and friends that get together to surprise them with a covert room-makeover that was designed just for them! The group of family will pair with some experts to create a super-secret renovation that happens while the homeowner is kept away from the house. Every homeowner thinks the day is like any other, never knowing that they are receiving an incredible home room makeover that they will come home to. Each renovation will take place in less than 36 hours and we will be sure to leave every homeowner in shock and awe.

The Reno, Set, Go channel is Discovery Family. You’ll want to watch this new series during the new Reno, Set, Go airtime, June 19 – Mondays at 10 p.m. ET. The sections below will tell you all of the ways that you can watch the Reno, Set, Go live stream or on-demand. So, if you’re ready to watch this fun home improvement show you’ll need to keep reading and we’ll share how to watch Reno, Set, Go without cable.


Watch the Reno, Set, Go Live Stream on DIRECTV NOW


It all begins with 60 channels for an opening cost of $35/month. DIRECTV NOW is becoming one of the more popular streaming services because of its similarities to cable. Your guide will look similar and with packages that have over 100 channels, it will feel like cable in a lot of ways. Where it will differ is in the fact that DIRECTV NOW doesn’t charge any hidden fees and you won’t ever have to sign a contract. You just choose the package you want, pay the price you’re promised, and enjoy!

You’ll have a chance to watch Discovery Family online, which means you’ll be able to stream Reno, Set, Go episodes with ease. Other channels included are AMC, USA, FOX News, CNN, Comedy Central, Science, Syfy, Cartoon Network, and TNT. Local channels are also included though they are only available on-demand unless you live in a few select cities. HBO is even available for $5/month.

You can watch Reno, Set, Go online with Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and mobile devices. There’s a seven-day DIRECTV NOW free trial available, too! This is perhaps the easiest way to watch Reno, Set, Go online free. If you have more questions, feel free to visit our DIRECTV NOW review.


Stream Reno, Set, Go Episodes on PlayStation Vue

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PlayStation Vue is a way to watch your favorite shows, such as the Reno, Set, Go live stream, at no additional cost. Don’t forget to check out the PlayStation Vue free five-day trial, for a chance to try out the service for yourself.

In the meantime, here are the details about the service you need to know.

PlayStation Vue offers four different packages. The base package is $30 a month, and it offers 45 channels. The largest package offers 90 channels including HBO and Showtime. Premium channels are an additional cost per channel. You receive local channels on demand! You also may have access to local content in live stream, but you will need to be in a city like New York to do so, since local channel live stream viewing is not available nationwide.

PS Vue is not just accessible via PS3 and PS4. Many popular streaming devices offer the service including Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices, Apple TV and Roku. Your channel lineup will include BBC America, Syfy, Oxygen, TBS. Disney Channel, OWN, Food Network, FX, TNT, and Lifetime.

Vue comes with a cloud based DVR with 28 days of viewing storage. The service also is accessible through TV Everywhere apps. This will get past the mobile restrictions that limit you to your home when using Vue mobile devices. Wanna find out more on how this works? The Playstation Vue review has the necessary information. Find out for yourself exactly how the service works by signing up for the free 5-day PS Vue trial! Make sure to try it out, and you’ll be able to watch Reno, Set, Go online free.


Is Reno, Set, Go on Hulu?

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Currently, Reno, Set, Go streaming is not available on Hulu. Luckily, you can stream Reno, Set, Go episodes through the services mentioned above. If you’d like to learn more about Hulu, our Hulu review is available with more details.


Is Reno, Set, Go on Amazon Prime?

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As this is a new series, Reno, Set, Go streaming is not available on Amazon Prime. Amazon only adds full seasons of TV shows. So, you wouldn’t be able to stream Reno, Set, Go episodes until after the end of the season. Check our Amazon Prime review for more information.


Is Reno, Set, Go on Netflix?


Like with Amazon, Netflix only adds full seasons. So, you won’t be able to stream Reno, Set, Go episodes for at least a year if Reno, Set, Go streaming is added, at all. Our Netflix review can offer more information.

What Channel is Reno, Set, Go On?

Discovery Family, also known as the Reno, Set, Go channel, is a cable channel created by Discovery. Despite being a cable channel, you will be able to watch Reno, Set, Go without cable. The Reno, Set, Go live stream is available through many of the services listed above!

There are plenty of ways to stream Reno, Set, Go episodes! If you have questions about the best ways to watch Reno, Set, Go online, visit our comments to learn more.