How to Watch Stanford Football Online Without Cable

You’ll be happy to hear you can cut your cable subscription and still watch Stanford football online. There are some easy ways you can watch games when they are nationally broadcast on both ESPN and FOX networks. Several streaming services will offer these channels, without needing to pay for a cable subscription. Check out the below guide to learn more about your options!


Use Hulu Live to Watch Stanford Football Online + Tons of Live Sports

The new streaming service offers over 50 channels, including many sports networks


Hulu Live is a good way to watch Stanford Cardinal online. The service is affordable, at just $40 a month, yet it provides a great selection of channels. ESPN, FS1, and FOX are all included, which together air tons of Stanford games. Also included are NBC, CBS, AMC, TNT, Comedy Central, and much more. Oh, and don’t forget – Hulu Live also comes with the original Hulu, an on-demand streaming library with thousands of options!


More Sports, More Shows

Hulu Live provides the best of both worlds: TONS of live sports on many of the leading sports networks (plus locals), as well as TONS of entertainment options, from the latest TV shows to exclusive Hulu Originals not available anywhere else.

  • Covers over 50 channels for live streaming
  • Also offers an impressive on-demand library of shows, movies and more
  • Watch Stanford Cardinal games online on several different channels
  • You can test Hulu out for FREE for a week

Check our Hulu review, or click here to start your free 7-day trial!


Sling TV Gives You the Stanford Cardinal Game Live Stream On The Cheap

Sling TV’s affordable packages begin at just $25 a month

Watch Stanford Football Online

Sling TV provides another way to watch Stanford football online without cable. You can live stream many important channels on this service, including FOX, FS1, ESPN and Pac-12 Network – all four of which are vital for Stanford Cardinal streaming. You can get more details on each in our Sling TV review.


Affordable Sports Streaming

Sling TV is an affordable and accessible service that still provides tons of value for sports fans – and for the whole family!

  • Cheap base packages that you can add on to
  • Great coverage of Stanford football games
  • No contract, starts at only $25 a month

The best way to learn about the service is by trying it for yourself during a Sling TV weeklong free trial. If you like it, make sure you take advantage of Sling TV’s current streaming player offers!


Watch Stanford Football Online Without Cable On DIRECTV NOW

Enjoy an incredible selection with up to 125+ channels

AT&T’s streaming service, DIRECTV NOW, offers a way to watch the Stanford game online on either FOX, FS1 or ESPN networks. There are several of each included across the service, so you’ll have plenty to watch. DIRECTV NOW has a starting price of $40 per month, which will get you more than 65 channels.


Ample Selection, Fair Prices

directv now

The size of the DIRECTV NOW channel list makes it a good choice to fully replace your cable subscription. There’s a whole lot to watch, with something for the whole family.

  • Get networks like ESPN, FS1, and FOX for the Stanford live stream
  • Access up to 125+ channels
  • Prices from $40 a month (no contract)
  • Keep the whole family entertained, on all their favorite devices

You can watch your Stanford Cardinal game live stream on your phone, tablet, computer, or with a streaming player on your TV. If you want to you can watch Stanford online free, during DIRECTV NOW’s 7-day trial.


Sports Fans can Use fuboTV to Watch Stanford Football Online

The service built specifically for sports fans offers great local and regional sports coverage

Watch Stanford Football Online

FuboTV, a sports-first streaming service, is another option to watch Stanford football without cable. In the starting package, you’ll get over 75 channels and a free cloud DVR for just $45 per month. You can watch the Stanford game online when it’s on a FOX network since several are included in the subscription, and also when a game airs on PAC-12 Network.



fuboTV’s channel selection is focused on sports, but there are other general entertainment and news channels, as well. This provides a nice mix for the whole family. You can see the full channel list in our fuboTV review.

  • No contract or commitment
  • Works on all your favorite devices
  • Stream Stanford Football on FOX, FS1, and Pac-12 Network
  • Missing ESPN

You can watch Stanford football online free and test the service during fuboTV’s own weeklong trial.


Stream Stanford Football All Season With YouTube TV

YouTube TV

One of the newer options for streaming Stanford football games is with YouTube TV. Read our full YouTube TV review to get all the details, but here’s the important part: If you want your local networks and a big DVR along with a ton of cable networks, this is a good choice. $40 a month gets you 50 networks.


Expanding Rapidly

youtube tv menu

YouTube TV isn’t available everywhere, but it is in most places. It’s growing quickly, and for good reason! YouTube TV is great for streaming on mobile and has a DVR that lasts up to 9 months so you can save the big game to watch over and over until next season.

  • No contract, just $40 a month
  • Stream Stanford games online on FOX, FS1 and ESPN
  • Works on most devices
  • Great coverage of local and regional sports

If you’re curious, there’s a 7 day free trial that lets you test drive for free.


PlayStation Vue is a Good Way for Families to Watch Stanford Football Online

Vue lets you watch on up to 5 devices – at the same time!

Watch Stanford Football Online

PlayStation Vue will also let you watch the Stanford game online. The service starts at $45 per month and also has more premium and expensive options. You can live stream networks from ESPN and FOX across the Vue channel package. Check the Stanford schedule to see which games you can stream. And, if you can’t catch the Stanford Cardinal game live stream, you can may be able to watch it online with your free cloud DVR.


Streaming for the Whole Family

vue action shot

Vue is a great solution for large households, because it lets you stream on 5 devices simultaneously!

  • No contract, plans from $45 a month
  • Watch Stanford football live stream on FOX, FS1 and ESPN
  • Cloud DVR included
  • Works on most devices (does not require a PlayStation)

Try it yourself during a 5-day free trial!


If you want to watch other sports this year, you can check out our full sports guide. But, if you want to double down and watch college football without cable, we’ve got you covered!