Summit League Tournament Live Stream: Watch Online without Cable

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Hulu with Live TV is a great choice for cable replacement. Not only do you get over 60 of the most popular channels, you’ll also have Hulu’s amazing on-demand service, too. Get 7 days free.

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Sling TV ensures that cutting the cord doesn’t mean sacrificing your favorite entertainment. Sling Orange offers 30+ channels for $25 and many add-on channels are available. Get 7 days free.

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DIRECTV NOW offers some of the biggest packages in streaming. Four package options provide between 65+ and 125+ channels, an on-demand library, and a cloud-DVR. Get 7 days free.

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The Summit League has some great teams and they all want to get to the NCAA Tournament. Who could blame them? No matter who your favorite school is, you’re going to want to be watching as one Summit League team gets their ticket to that dance. The good news is that if you’re not planning to watch the games from the game, you’ve still got options. In fact, we can fill you in on a number of ways that you can watch the Summit League Tournament live stream without cable!

The games in the Summit League Tournament will be on ESPN+, ESPN’s newest streaming service and on the cable channel ESPNU, but you don’t have to miss out just because you don’t have cable. If you want to watch the Summit League Tournament online, you do have options available. Follow the guide below to learn how to get a free Summit League Tournament live stream.


Get the Summit League Tournament Live Stream on Hulu Live

ESPNU is included with 60+ other channels


Hulu with Live TV merges the on-demand Hulu service with 60+ channels of live television. This gives you the best in streaming where live and on-demand content is concerned. Packages are $45 a month and ESPNU is included. This will give you any of the games that air on ESPNU. You’ll also have so many other channels with something available for everyone in the family to watch. Packages include FS1, FX, USA, and TNT, but our Hulu Live channel lineup has more details. Local channels are also included in most areas of the country. Using TV Everywhere apps, you can sign in to WatchESPN and other apps and watch content there, as well.


Streaming Simultaneously is Possible on 2 or More Devices

If you have a large family, you can upgrade your device to allow it to stream on more than two devices at once. Otherwise, two simultaneous streams come with every account. A cloud-based DVR is also included. You’ll be free to stream Summit League Tournament online using mobile devices including iOS and Android, streaming devices like Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, computers, smart TVs, gaming consoles and more! Our Hulu Live review can tell you more.

Hulu with Live TV highlights:

  • 60+ channels
  • $45 a month
  • Cancel anytime thanks to no contracts
  • A cloud-based DVR with 50-hours is standard
  • Watch ESPNU is included along with ESPN, ESPN2, FX, local channels, TNT, etc.
  • Hulu’s on-demand service included
  • Watch on Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, and other devices
  • Get your free Hulu Live 7-day trial and watch Summit League Tournament online free


Watch the Summit League Tournament Online Free with Sling TV

Sling Orange plus the sports bundle gets you 45+ channels for $30

Sling TV Review

Summit League Tournament games air on ESPNU, and SlingTV gives you access when you sign up for Sling Orange and then add the sports bundle for $5 per month. Sling Orange gives you access to over 30 channels and that includes both ESPN and ESPN2. Addition the sports bundle gives you ESPNU and a dozen other channels. So, for $30 a month you’ll have ESPNU and about 45 other channels. Sling subscribers get dozens of cable networks (top networks, like TNT, TBS, Freeform and more) all live. The base Sling package is just $25 a month and can be used on almost any internet connected device.


Take Your Pick of Streaming Devices – Most Work

Sling TV offers such standard features as an on-demand library and the use of a small variety of TV Everywhere apps. A cloud-DVR is available, but that will cost you extra. Streaming is possible on most common streaming devices. For on-the-go streaming you can use both iOS and Android phones and tablets. You can also use computers, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and other devices. There’s even a free trial week of Sling TV you can sign up for, meaning you can watch the Summit League Tournament online for totally free and 100% legal. Check out our Sling TV review for added info.

Sling TV details:

  • 30+ channels in Sling Orange for $25 a month
  • The sports bundle offers 10+ channels including ESPNU for $5
  • $30 a month gets you all you need to watch the Summit League Tournament live stream
  • No contracts
  • An on-demand library is available, and you can watch TV Everywhere apps
  • Watch on mobile devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and more
  • Check out current member specials

Start your free trial of Sling TV today!


Get a Summit League Tournament Live Stream with DIRECTV NOW

$40 starts you off with 65+ channels, an on-demand library, and more

One of the easiest ways to watch the Summit League Tournament online is with DIRECTV NOW. DIRECTV NOW gives you all the channels you love on cable, but only costs a fraction of the price. You get more than 65 live channels on the base package, with a price that comes in under $40. Compared to cable rates, that’s a steal. Keep in mind, that in order to get the Summit League Tournament live stream you’ll need ESPNU. To get ESPNU, we recommend the Just Right package, which is available for $55 per month and includes over 80 channels. This will give you access to local channels, several ESPN networks, USA, TNT, FX, TBS, AMC, and many other channels. There will be something for the entire family to watch.


A Limited Cloud-DVR is Included

directv now

What’s even better than cable is that you can get a Summit League Tournament live stream on your phone, your TV, your computer, and more. iOS and Android devices are compatible. You can also use Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and many other devices. Anywhere you have the internet you can stream DIRECTV NOW! If you’re not sold, here’s a deal you can’t miss: DIRECTV NOW free for seven days. That means you can watch the Summit League Tournament live streaming and cancel when it’s over without paying a dime! Check our DIRECTV NOW review for more info.

DIRECTV NOW details:

  • Plans from $40
  • Recommended plan for the Summit League Tournament live stream is the Just Right plan for $55/month including ESPNU and 80+ other channels
  • Four plans to pick from with over 125 channels offered
  • Watch additional content through TV Everywhere apps
  • An on-demand library and a cloud-based DVR are included
  • A week free trial is yours – Watch Summit League Tournament online free

Click here for a free 7-day trial of DIRECTV NOW


YouTube TV has the Summit League Tournament Stream without Cable

Watch several ESPN networks, cartoons, news, movies, and more

YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers ESPNU and about 50 other channels in their main package. This package is $40 a month and includes all kinds of great channels. You’ll have local channels in most areas. You can also enjoy AMC, Food Network, USA, TNT, FX, and many other channels. An on-demand library adds recently aired content daily, so you can watch shows you missed live. You can also use TV Everywhere apps to watch additional live and on-demand content. Selection for TV Everywhere apps vary but includes the WatchESPN app and many others.


Stream Live, On-Demand, or Use TV Everywhere Apps

youtube tv menu

YouTube TV has a great mobile app that makes streaming on-the-go even easier. Of course, if you want to see the Summit League Tournament live stream on the big screen, you can stream YouTube TV using Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. One set of devices that just aren’t compatible is Amazon Fire TV devices. All accounts feature a cloud-based DVR that offers an endless amount of storage space. You can keep recordings in storage for up to nine months, so feel free to binge-watch your favorites. Learn more when you visit our YouTube TV review.

YouTube TV details:

  • $40 a month
  • More than 50 channels are included
  • TV Everywhere apps like WatchESPN will work with your account
  • An on-demand library is included
  • Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS and Android devices, and Roku are compatible
  • YouTube TV and Fire TV devices are not compatible
  • The cloud-DVR features unlimited space
  • Get the YouTube TV free 7-day trial


PS Vue – Get Summit League Tournament Streaming without Cable

The Core package includes all you need for NCAA streaming online

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue starts with a package that offers over 50 channels for $45 per month. It’s a good plan, but if you want to watch the Summit League Tournament live stream, it won’t do you any good. You’ll need the Core package or one of the larger packages to watch ESPNU. The Core package is $50 a month and includes over 60 channels. All plans feature the use of TV Everywhere apps like WatchESPN and FOX Sports Go. You can also watch content that has recently aired in the on-demand library. Some channels you might have include AMC, FOX News, Bravo, USA, TNT, TBS, Food Network, and many other channels.


Plenty of Streaming Options Beyond PlayStation Consoles

vue action shot

A cloud-DVR is a standard feature that’s included with each package. Recordings are all saved for around a month, so you can watch them and delete them, or the system will remove them once they’ve reached the limit. You can stream on most devices. PS3 and PS4 consoles are a good choice, but if you don’t own a PlayStation you still have a wide variety of options. You can also use iOS and Android mobile devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, computers, and other devices. You can learn more in our PS Vue review.

PlayStation Vue details:

  • When you sign up for the PS Vue 5-day trial it gives you a chance to watch Summit League Tournament online free
  • Plans from $45/month
  • 4 packages are available – 3 of the plans offer ESPNU
  • 50+ channels in the base package with ESPN, ESPN2, FX, and more
  • Stream on PS3 and PS4 gaming consoles, Amazon Fire TV devices, computers, Apple TV, Roku, mobile devices, etc.
  • You’ll even have the ability to stream on 5 devices at the same time

You can try the 5-day PS Vue trial, here.


Watch the Summit League Tournament Live Stream with ESPN+

One of the cheapest sports streaming options available


ESPN+ might be a newer service, but they offer plenty of sports. You can take your pick between live and on-demand viewing, as both options are available. Service is just $5 per month, which is great for what you receive. That said, it would not work as your only streaming service, especially if you’re a cord cutter. That said, you will find plenty of sports coverage including boxing, soccer, rugby, international sports, NCAA sports and more.


Just $5 Gets You Sports from All Over the World

ESPN+ devices

ESPN+ is compatible with the more common streaming devices out there. This means you won’t be stuck watching the Summit League tournament live stream on your computer, unless you want to watch it there. Instead, you can use your mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, or Fire TV. Gaming consoles including Xbox One and PS4 will also work! If you’ve already cut the cord and are just looking for a way to stream more sports, this might be the option for you!

ESPN+ highlights:

  • $4.99 per month
  • A good option to add more sports to your streaming lineup
  • Some exclusive events are available throughout the year
  • The on-demand library offers all kinds of sports coverage and shows
  • Stream on mobile devices or connect with many streaming devices to watch at home
  • Check it out free for a week!

You can check out our ESPN+ review to learn more.

Even though the games are on ESPN networks, you can still stream the Summit League Tournament live online without paying. And remember when next season rolls around to visit our guide to streaming college basketball. You can learn how to follow your favorite team all year long online! And when it comes to the season’s most exciting games, read our guide to watching March Madness online free.