How to Watch Teen Wolf Online without Cable


Teen Wolf is based on the 1980s-movie franchise starring Michael J. Foxx. In this modern adaptation, Scotty McCall ends up with a werewolf bite after a walk in the woods. This means that the rest of his high school career is going to be a lot more difficult, as he has to learn how to balance being a werewolf along with being a teenager. It doesn’t take long for Scott and his best friend Stiles to learn that the area where they live is filled with supernatural creatures.

You can watch Teen Wolf online with the Teen Wolf channel, MTV. The Teen Wolf air time is on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. If you want to stream Teen Wolf episodes, we’ve listed your options to do that below. Whether you choose the Teen Wolf live stream or want to watch Teen Wolf streaming on one of the on-demand networks, we can tell you where to watch Teen Wolf online!


The Teen Wolf Live Stream is Available on DIRECTV NOW


If you’re looking for a way to watch the MTV live stream, DIRECTV NOW might be the way to do just that. Choose from the four packages that DIRECTV NOW offers. Get up to 120 channels, and pay between $35 and $70 a month! No matter what you pay, the 60+ base package offers channels that are available in every package, including VH1, Freeform, Syfy, BBC America, ESPN, MTV, MTV 2, TLC, WeatherNation, TV Land, HLN, HGTV, and Animal Planet.

The largest package offers HBO and Cinemax or you can add those onto smaller packages for $5 apiece extra, every month! Watch locals in live stream, in major cities like New York and Chicago, or on demand across the country. You can stream Teen Wolf episodes on Roku, web browsers, mobile devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

The DIRECTV NOW free week trial is just one way to watch Teen Wolf online free! Our DIRECTV NOW review has details on all of this!

Watch Teen Wolf Streaming on Sling TV

How does Sling TV work

Sling TV has a couple of options, but if you’re looking to save money, Sling Orange is just $20/month. You’ll have 30 channels available including AMC, BBC America, A&E, TNT, ESPN, TBS, CNN, Comedy Central, and Freeform. Now, you get to decide what kind of add-ons you want. If your package is too small, you can opt for a bigger package. Otherwise, bundle packages are available starting at $5/month. These are great ways to personalize your package. One package, the Comedy Plus Extra pack, includes MTV, Logo, CMT, TV Land, and other channels for $5/month. This package is necessary to watch Teen Wolf streaming on Sling TV.

You can stream Teen Wolf episodes with Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, mobile devices, and more. Special offers are available, starting with a free one-week trial of Sling TV. You can check out more details in our Sling TV review!


Is Teen Wolf on Hulu?

How to Cancel Hulu

You will not be able to stream Teen Wolf episodes on Hulu. Our Hulu review may be able to explain more about the service!


Is Teen Wolf on Amazon Prime?

Prime Video

You won’t be able to watch Teen Wolf episodes in the newest season, so if you’re looking for the Teen Wolf live stream you will need to choose another service. What you can find is all of the previous seasons of Teen Wolf episodes! Prime Video, which is a part of your Amazon Prime membership, includes thousands of TV shows and movies. They even offer a growing list of original content. Amazon Prime also offers free 2-day shipping, a 2-million song music library available as Prime Music, free e-books, and other great deals.

You can watch Teen Wolf streaming on Chromecast, Apple TV, gaming consoles, Amazon Fire devices, mobile devices, smart TVs, Roku, and more!

Amazon Prime has both yearly and monthly membership options. The cheapest is the yearly option at $99/year. The monthly options are a bit more expensive at $11/month (full membership) or $9 (Prime Video only). You’ll get the first 30-days free when you sign up for Amazon Prime’s free month-long trial. Take this time to get caught up and watch Teen Wolf online free!

If you have any questions, check our Prime Video review here.


Is Teen Wolf on Netflix?


It’s not currently possible to watch Teen Wolf streaming on Netflix. If you have questions, check our Netflix review to find the answers you need!


What Channel is Teen Wolf On?

MTV is the Teen Wolf channel! This is great for cord cutters because that means you’ll find ways to watch Teen Wolf without cable! The sections above offer ways like DIRECTV NOW, which offers the Teen Wolf live stream and Amazon Prime, which covers a way to stream Teen Wolf episodes on-demand.

Any questions about how to watch Teen Wolf online? If so, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and ask them in the comments!