How to Watch Texas Football Online without Cable TV

Hulu with Live TV

The Texas Longhorns are a southern powerhouse, known for their explosive offense and rock-solid defense. They are always fun to watch, whether you’re a casual fan or a Longhorns nut. Either way, you’re probably wondering how to watch Texas football online. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Editor’s Note: Looking to watch the Alamo Bowl online? Tune in using Hulu with Live TV!

Binge Waters Can Catch the Texas Longhorns Game Live Stream on Hulu Live

Hulu Live features a robust channel lineup and the on-demand content you enjoy from Hulu


Hulu Live is a great way to watch the Texas game online. With Hulu Live, you’ll have access to college football and other sports. You’ll also have a mix of other channels and the Hulu on-demand service. Millions of people have been watching Hulu’s original content paired with current and classic TV shows and movies.

Hulu Live has Live and On-Demand TV Shows, Sports, & Movies

Hulu Live offers access to more local networks than the majority of their competitors. If you’re a standard Hulu subscriber, you’ll be able to cancel that membership, because signing up for Hulu Live means you’ll receive all of the on-demand Hulu content absolutely free as part of your subscription. You’ll have access to Hulu Live, Hulu on-demand, and 50 hours of DVR service (more can be added for a small fee).

So, you’ll be able to watch the Texas Longhorns game online and then you can switch to your favorite binge-watch worthy Hulu Originals show. Here are some more Hulu Live facts:

  • $40 a month
  • Over 50 channels
  • Standard Hulu service is included
  • 50-hour cloud-based DVR
  • No contracts
  • A large amount of local content mixed with nationwide premium channels
  • Watch on Fire TV, Chromecast, mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, and more
  • Try Hulu Live free for 7-days

One great way to watch Texas online free is by signing up for the Hulu Live free trial!

Watch Texas Football Online for Cheap with Sling TV

Sling TV is perfect for the budget-savvy entertainment-seeking consumer

sling tv

A service called Sling TV offers another easy method for Longhorns streaming all season long. The service gives you networks like ESPN, ESPN2, FOX, FS1, regional sports networks, and more, all of which cover Texas games. Sling TV is very accessible, affordable (starts at $25 per month), and easy to use. It works on most devices, too!

Sling TV the Perfect Choice if You’re on a Budget

There are a couple of benefits to Sling TV that set them apart from others. First of all, they offer the lowest starting point of all of the popular streaming services. So, if you want to save money without sacrificing your favorite channels, Sling TV is a good choice. Second, the service is designed to allow you to create your ultimate package, with a la carte add-ons, so you only pay for the channels you want the most.

Here are some other Sling TV highlights:

  • Packages starting at $25/month
  • A la carte channel options for dozens of channels for a small fee
  • You’ll get sports, news, HGTV, AMC, TNT, and more
  • Watch with Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, game systems, mobile devices, etc.
  • Cloud DVR is available for $5/month
  • Test out the service with Sling TV’s free 7-day trial
  • Get great deals when you subscribe (current Sling TV offers)

Visit our Sling TV review to learn even more. Don’t forget, you can watch Texas football online free by signing up for Sling TV’s free 7-day trial!

Watch the Texas Longhorns Game Online and Tons More with DIRECTV NOW

A strong guide and plenty of channels provide something for everyone

DIRECTV NOW presents a great way to watch Texas football online, because it offers easy access to most of the networks that broadcast Longhorns games. Networks like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, FS1, FOX, Longhorn Network, and more are all included, and DIRECTV NOW has plans starting at just $40 per month for over 60 channels (no contract required). In order to watch the Texas game live stream with this service, you’ll need a device like a Roku, Apple TV, or a computer or mobile device.

Up to 120 Channels, Cloud-Based DVR, and 2 Simultaneous Streams are Available

directv now

From the beginning, DIRECTV NOW has been praised for the smooth transition they offer for cable users. While you don’t need a satellite or set-top box, you’ll feel like you’re watching any standard cable provider. The guide and the rest of the interface is easy to use no matter how much or little tech knowledge you possess.

More about DIRECTV NOW:

  • No cable or satellite equipment necessary
  • No contracts so you can cancel when you want
  • Up to 120 popular local and national channels
  • Watch Disney, ESPN, FOX News, FX, MSNBC, and more!
  • Run two streams at once
  • Watch on Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox, mobile devices, Roku, and more
  • Try DIRECTV NOW free for 7-days!

Our DIRECTV NOW review is here if you want to learn more. Remember, you can watch College Football online free with the DIRECTV NOW free trial.

Watch the Texas Football Game Online with fuboTV

Regional and national sports coverage makes fuboTV a great choice for sports fans

fuboTV logo

fuboTV is what’s referred to as a sports-first streaming service. It’s meant primarily for sports fans – which, if you’re reading this – you probably are. It offers over 60 channels for $40 for the first month, $45 per month after. fuboTV includes networks like FS1, FS2, FOX and others that will broadcast Longhorns football games. fuboTV works on most devices, is very easy to use, and is available without a contract (so it can be cancelled at any time).

More Sports Coverage than You’ll Find Almost Anywhere

fuboTV is likely your answer for how to stream sports. More than anything, fuboTV offers a well-rounded complete sports package. College football may be limited at times, but you’ll find something for everyone here from international sports and cycling to local and national sports channels such as NFL Network or NBA TV.

More fuboTV highlights:

  • Sports content includes FOX Sports networks, NFL Network, NBCSN, and much more
  • International sports are available
  • $40/month for the first month then $45/month
  • Cloud-based DVR is included with 30-hours of space
  • Watch on mobile devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and more
  • Try fuboTV free for 7-days!

Our fuboTV review is one way to learn more! If you’re trying to watch Texas online free, fuboTV’s 7-day free trial is a great way to do that.

Watch Texas Football Online with YouTube TV

YouTube TV Offers a Little of Everything and Something for Everyone

YouTube TV Review

YouTube TV offers a mix of local, and national channels. While YouTube TV is not in every market currently, they are in most areas of the country. You’ll have access to many popular channels, though at this time some notably popular options like Food TV and Discovery are absent.

YouTube TV is Off to a Good Start

youtube tv menu

YouTube TV is definitely a good choice if you want access to local content and a mix of other channels. If you’re watching on-the-go, you’ll find the app to be incredibly user-friendly. The service through at-home devices is also easy to use and pleasing to look at.

More about YouTube TV:

  • No contracts – cancel any time
  • Good mix of sports and other content
  • Cloud DVR with unlimited storage
  • Watch on Apple TV, mobile devices, Roku, Chromecast, and more
  • Channels like HGTV and Discovery are not available
  • YouTube TV includes a free 7-day trial

Visit our YouTube TV review to learn more. Also, don’t forget to try YouTube TV’s free weeklong trial.

The Whole Family Can Watch Texas Football and More Online with PlayStation Vue

Perfect for large families, with PS Vue you can stream on 5 devices at once

playstation vue

Last but not least, a service like PlayStation Vue will also be beneficial for those wanting to watch the Texas Longhorns game online. The service is similar in a lot of ways to those we’ve already discussed and works over the internet using most devices. It’s non-contract and starts at $45 per month.

Plenty of Entertainment for the Entire Family

playstation vue action shot

PlayStation Vue is a great choice for families because you can enjoy up to five streams at once. Not only that, but you can have multiple DVR profiles too, for no additional charge. This means you won’t have to weed through anyone else’s content. Here are some more details if you’re curious about PS Vue:

  • Packages are available starting at $45/month
  • No contracts!
  • Enjoy up to 5 streams at the same time
  • Most of the necessary college football channels are available
  • Avoid some of the mobile restrictions with up to 60 TV Everywhere apps
  • Watch on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, PS3/PS4, Chromecast, and more
  • Watch and enjoy PS Vue free for 5 days!

Don’t forget to read our PlayStation Vue review to learn more. When you’re ready to give PS Vue a try, you can watch Texas online free with the PlayStation Vue 5-day trial, for the first five days.

You can also read our college football streaming guide for more details on how to watch sports online.