How to Watch the Boca Raton Bowl Online without Cable

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Hulu Live offers more access to local channels than any other streaming service. Packages start at just $55 per month. Get 7 days free.

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Sling TV offers all you need to watch ABC sports on the cheap. Packages start from $25 per month for live and on-demand content. Get 7 days free.

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AT&T TV NOW channels list
AT&T TV NOW is available for a monthly price of $65 per month. This gets you 40 channels, including some local channels! Get 7 days free.

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Any college football fan looks forward to the time when the regular season is over and it’s time to enjoy some bowl games. Many games take place on December 21, and the Boca Raton Bowl is one of those games. This year, it’s going to be the SMU Mustangs vs Florida Atlantic Owls. If you don’t have cable, you can watch the Boca Raton Bowl online or with a digital antenna.

ABC is a local channel, so if you don’t have cable, you can watch with a digital antenna. If you don’t have an antenna, you can watch online. Even if a service doesn’t offer ABC, it’s possible they offer ESPN3, which simulcasts ABC sports games. So, you’ve got a few different ways that you can watch the Boca Raton Bowl live stream.


Watch the Boca Raton Bowl Live Stream on Hulu Live

Watch local channels in more areas


Hulu with Live TV provides more than 60 channels in the main package they offer. You’ll have ABC and other local channels in some areas. You can also watch ESPN, ESPN2, FX, USA, TNT, Syfy, TBS, and several other channels. As Hulu is included, you’ll have thousands of hours of content that you can watch whenever you want. You’ll be able to cancel Hulu Live at any time, so if you sign up and don’t like it, you can cancel and find a new service. This package is available for $55 per month.

Add Movie Channels for a Fee

When it’s time to stream the Boca Raton Bowl you’ve got plenty of ways to do it. You can watch the game through Hulu or the WatchESPN app. When it comes to devices, you can stream the game on Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices, computers, and other devices. The cloud-DVR provides 50-hours of space or you can upgrade for more room. Our Hulu Live review can tell you more.

Hulu with Live TV highlights:

  • 60+ channels for $55 per month
  • Local channels (based on area), ESPN, TNT, USA, and several other channels are included
  • 50-hours of space comes with the cloud-based DVR
  • All of Hulu’s on-demand content is included
  • Stream using mobile devices, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more
  • Watch Hulu Live free for 7-days


Watch the Boca Raton Bowl Online with Sling Orange

Sling Orange offers ABC sports through ESPN3

Sling TV Review

Sling TV has three packages but to watch ABC, you’ll need Sling Orange. This $25/month package doesn’t actually include ABC. However, ESPN3 is included. You won’t be able to watch all ABC content on ESPN3, but all sports-related content, like the Boca Raton Bowl live stream will be available. This makes Sling TV, the cheapest streaming option to watch bowl games this year!

Build Your Own Plan with Add-on Channels

Like with other services, Sling TV offers an on-demand library and access to TV Everywhere apps. A cloud-DVR is not included, but an add-on is available if you want one. ESPN3 is available through Sling TV, but you can also watch the game on the WatchESPN app. You’ll be free to watch the Boca Raton live stream on Roku, Apple TV, mobile devices, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and other devices. Our Sling TV review offers more details.

Sling TV details:


AT&T TV NOW is Another Way to Stream the Boca Raton Bowl

Packages are available starting at $65 a month

AT&T TV NOW channels list

AT&T TV NOW gives you the option of different packages. Over 40 channels are available to get you started. From there, you can add some single channels or upgrade your package to get a bigger lineup. Packages start at $65 per month. This main package includes HBO, ESPN, TNT, USA, and even local channels in most areas.

Multiple Packages are Available

directv now

There’s a limited cloud-DVR that will allow you to save the game, if you can’t watch it live. You’ll also be able to watch content on-demand or with TV Everywhere network apps. You can watch the Boca Raton Bowl online with Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and mobile devices. You can find additional details in our AT&T TV NOW review.

AT&T TV NOW details:

  • $65 a month for the basic plan
  • 40+ channels are included
  • Watch on computers, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, mobile devices, etc.
  • A cloud-DVR offers a limited amount of storage
  • A 7-day free trial is available for new subscribers


Watch the Boca Raton Bowl Streaming Online with YouTube TV

Over 70+ channels including local channels in most areas

YouTube TV

YouTube TV allows access to over 70+ live channels. This includes ABC, AMC, HGTV, Syfy, ESPN, TNT, USA, and many other popular networks. Prices start at $50 per month and though there isn’t much room for package upgrades, there are a couple of channels that can be added to your package for a fee. ABC is available in most areas, but on the off chance you don’t get ABC live, you can stream the Boca Raton Bowl on the WatchESPN app.

Stream the Game from Anywhere on Most Devices

youtube tv menu

YouTube TV features a cloud-based DVR with unlimited space. You’ll also have an on-demand library. You can stream the Boca Raton Bowl on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, mobile devices, computers, and more. If you have any questions, make sure to read our YouTube TV review to learn more.

YouTube TV details:

  • $50 per month for 70+ channels
  • Stream the game live or on the WatchESPN app
  • Local channels are available in most areas
  • Stream on mobile devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, etc.
  • Unlimited storage is featured with the cloud-DVR
  • The YouTube TV free 7-day trial allows you to watch the Boca Raton Bowl online for free!


The Boca Raton Bowl Live Stream Schedule

You can watch the Boca Raton Bowl online using any of the services mentioned above. As ABC is a local channel, if you have a digital antenna, you might be able to watch the game with that! You can also watch the game on ESPN3, if you don’t have access to ABC. The Boca Raton Bowl live stream happens on December 21, 2019 at 3:30 p.m. ET between the SMU Mustangs and the Florida Atlantic Owls.

Remember if you have any questions about how to stream the 2019 Boca Raton Bowl, you can let us know in the comments!