How to Watch The Circus Online without Cable

The Circus, also known by its longer title, The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth is a documentary series that airs on Showtime. The show, which began in 2016, started with the goal of following the political election. Now about to start its second season, the show will continue along the same vein, this time following the Trump administration at its beginning.

The Circus streaming will begin on March 19 on Showtime. The Circus airtime is at 8 p.m. ET. Are you a cord cutter? If you are, did you know that you can watch The Circus online without a cable subscription? Well, you can! Any of the following streaming services can help you watch The Circus streaming without cable!


Amazon Prime is One Way to Watch The Circus Live Stream

amazon prime video review

Once upon a time when you asked someone what they loved about Amazon Prime, they would say the free 2-day shipping. These days you might get a lot of different answers like:

  • The Free 30-day trial
  • The millions of songs with Amazon Music
  • The free audiobooks with Audible
  • The free ebooks through Prime Reading
  • The TV shows and Movies through Prime Video
  • Access to Originals like The Man in the High Castle and Transparent
  • The special sales and discounts
  • The access to Amazon Channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax
  • Did I mention the one-month free trial?

Our Amazon Prime review lays out all the features available. Pricing depends on whether you’re willing to pay annually, which is cheaper overall, or monthly. Annual pricing is $99. This works out to $8.75 a month. If you pay monthly, you can get just Prime Video for $8.99 a month or go for the full membership for $10.99. Amazon Channels, like Showtime can be added for an additional, small fee.
Adding Showtime gives you access to all the currently airing Showtime shows and their previous seasons. Episodes will not air in live stream, but you will have next day access. You even receive small trial periods, usually a week, for each channel you sign up to. And don’t forget, you receive a 30-day trial to give the main service a shot. Prime works with most of the most popular streaming options.


Watch The Circus Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

Cancel PlayStation Vue

The Circus is available when you watch Showtime on Playstation Vue, along with over 45 other channels in the Access Slim package. Other channels include TNT, Oxygen, OWN, CNN, ESPN, OWN, TBS. AMC. E!, and USA. If you miss an episode of The Circus streaming, you can always record it on the cloud based DVR. You can add on premium channels, such as HBO and Showtime, for an additional fee each month! To stream The Circus, you would need to add Showtime, and you can do that to any package. Watching local channels like ABC and NBC is easy if you live in cities like New York and Chicago, where you can watch in both livestream and on-demand. Everyone else has access to local channels in the on-demand library.

Our Playstation Vue review may give you greater insight into whether Vue is the right streaming device to watch The Circus episodes. You may find, for example, that the mobile restrictions for Playstation Vue are too great. Since they limit you to watching content at your home, you may discover you like a better service with greater mobile access.

You can also find out if Playstation Vue is right for you by checking out the free weeklong trial. Try for a week and see just how well this service works for you!

Watch The Circus Streaming on Hulu


Hulu has thousands of movies and TV shows, some with full seasons and others with limited access to new episodes. New episodes are usually available within a day, though depending on the network are available within a week of airing on TV. You can use Hulu on streaming and/or mobile devices of all kinds. Hulu is relatively inexpensive, with packages starting at $8. If you don’t want commercials you can skip them by paying $12 a month. Along with TV and movies from other networks, Hulu offers original content like The Path, 11.22.63, Shut Eye, and The Handmaid’s Tale.

While Hulu doesn’t specialize in add-on channels, they do offer the chance to add Showtime to your package for $8.99/month. This is the price you’d pay through most services, so if you’re adding it to Hulu, you’re saving yourself a login elsewhere and you’re ensuring that you can watch your Showtime content on all of the devices that work with Hulu!

Keep in mind, you get a free one-week trial at signup! Our Hulu review may fill you in on more details!


Other Ways to Stream The Circus Episodes

Your other option is the Showtime Anytime app. For $9 month, you can get everything that cable users would get with Showtime Anytime without having to pay for cable. This means that you will also receive current and past episodes of The Circus streaming. Considering that the price of the Showtime app is the same or more than anywhere else, you’re better off signing up for one of the other services that will allow you get more content and utilize one login for two services.

Any other questions about how to watch The Circus online? If so, check out our comment section to ask or see if your question has already been answered.