How to Watch The High Court Online without Cable

If you are at all familiar with comedian Doug Benson, then you can imagine what a show featuring him as the main performer would be like. Doug Benson doesn’t shy away from controversial topics, and he lives his values. This show is no joke, in Comedy Central’s newest show, The High Court, Benson presides over actual cases while extremely high. Sure, that is the joke, but the cases are real and so are his reactions. Fans will be unable to miss the HIGH-jinx, so how can you watch The High Court online without cable?

Here is your guide to watching The High Court live stream when it premiers on Comedy Central February 27.


Watch The High Court Streaming Live on DIRECTV NOW

We are still laughing over the concept of this show, we’re finding it hard to write about it seriously. But we’ll give it a try.


Our first suggestion would be DIRECTV NOW, the newest streaming option from AT&T. It doesn’t require a satellite, like their other product, just a high-speed internet connection. You can stream The High Court online live as it airs.

DIRECTV NOW starts at $35 per month for a package of over 60 networks. Comedy Central is included in one of their packages, so check them out to learn more.

Since the service is still new, they are still adding features and devices. We do know they offer deals on some streaming devices for prepaid customers.

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Try DIRECTV NOW FREE for 7 Days to watch The High Court online free and see for yourself.


Stream The High Court with Sling TV

Okay, hold on. Still laughing. Deep breath.

The only other choice to watch The High Court episodes live is Sling TV. The High Court Channel, Comedy Central, is available on the Sling Orange basic package.

Sling TV’s Sling Orange package is $20 per month and offers many other great networks that are often hard to find without cable.

It works with most streaming devices and they often have special deals on Roku and Apple TV devices, so check those out.

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Start out by trying Sling TV FREE for 7-days to watch The High Court online free and check it out.


How Else Can You Watch The High Court Online?

Hahahaha! Sorry…

Comedy Central has their own app and website. They often stream full episodes of their shows. It is hard to know if you’ll be able to watch The High Court episodes on the site, but check back after the premier to see.

Another bet is Hulu. They have many of the late-night Comedy Central shows, including The Daily Show and @Midnight (on which Benson is a regular), so we are expecting you can watch The High Court streaming on-demand. Usually, shows are available the next day.

Okay, we seriously couldn’t get through this with a straight face. We are as excited as you are about seeing The Dishonorable “Judge” Doug Benson and watch The High Court online. If you have more questions, ask below in the comments.