Watch the News Online without Cable: Complete Guide

How do you watch the news? It used to be that the family, or at least the adults, would gather around the TV and watch their favorite local channel’s broadcast. These days, things are different, though. A lot of people watch the news online. Others prefer cable broadcast options or their local hometown favorites. If you’re watching the news with cable, and it’s stopping you from cutting the cord, you should know that there are several ways to watch the news without cable!

Why spend all that money when you can stream the news in much cheaper (and sometimes free) ways? You can watch the news without cable using your phone/tablet, computer, streaming devices, and even your TV. If you want to watch the news online, just keep reading because we’re going to tell you how!

Online news streaming is a fairly new development – but now, there are a couple different services you can use. Here are the best ways to watch the news online without cable. From streaming services to online news channels, these are the best, inexpensive options you have to watch the news without cable!


Streaming Services

So, you don’t want to pay for cable because it’s just too expensive these days and it’s really not worth it. The problem though is that without cable, you’re not sure how you can watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, and other cable news channels. You don’t want to miss out on local, regional, national, or international news, but who wants to pay over $100 a month to just stream the news? I know I don’t!

You could watch the news online using the TV-anywhere apps that the news channels offer, but most of those require a cable subscriber’s login to be able to watch them. Some people borrow their family or friend’s information, so they can watch, but there is another way to truly watch the news without cable.

If you want to watch the news without cable, consider a streaming service. These low-cost services will allow you to get the news live streaming at the same time cable users get it. It’s the same program at the same time. It just costs you less money!


Stream the News Online with DIRECTV NOW

One of the things that sets DIRECTV NOW apart from other live stream options is that you can watch FOX News online without cable! DIRECTV NOW offers the look of cable without the hefty cost. You start by picking your package. Multiple packages are available, starting at $35 a month. Each package contains some news channels. Available news channels with DIRECTV NOW include CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, C-Span, in addition to FOX News, and in select areas, some local channels.

DIRECTV NOW (review) includes tons of other channels, too. You can enjoy shows with the kids on Disney and Cartoon Network, sports on ESPN, or reality TV on E!, OWN, and TLC. You can even add HBO for $5 a month and have access to your favorite premium content. So, while you can watch live news online with this service, that’s far from the only thing to watch! DIRECTV NOW works on mobile and streaming devices including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and game systems.

DIRECTV NOW allows you to watch the news online both at-home and on-the-go as there are no mobile restrictions to where you watch. If you have a streaming device and Wi-Fi you should be good to go! You can start your subscription off by signing up for DIRECTV NOW’s free 7-day trial! You can then explore the service to see if it’s something you want to keep, without risking your hard-earned money.

Remember to try the free trial offer and enjoy watching the news online free for a week!


Watch the News Online with Sling TV

If you’re looking for one of the cheapest ways to watch the news online, Sling TV could be your answer. With Sling TV (review) you can choose from three packages. The basic, Orange package offers more than 25 channels, including CNN and Bloomberg, and costs only $20 a month. The Orange package also offers fan favorites like AMC and ESPN.

You could up your package to the Blue package for $25 a month. This package has CNN and Bloomberg, but also includes Newsy, NBC and FOX (in select markets), and Univision. Or, if you can’t decide, you can put the two packages together and have one large package.

Do you want more news? If so, just add the World News Extra bundle for $5 a month and you’ll have access to MSNBC, BBC World News, CNBC, HLN, France 24, and other international news channels. Sling TV works on streaming and mobile devices and there are no mobile restrictions to block your service.

Sling TV will start your membership with a free 7-day trial! Most of the time, member specials allow you to get discounted or even completely free streaming devices. You can check current specials out, here.

If you want to learn more, don’t forget your Sling TV trial!


Stream the news with PlayStation Vue

Another option for online news streaming is PlayStation Vue. Prices start at $30 a month and like the other services, you won’t be forced into a contract you don’t want or can’t afford. You can cancel anytime you want!

News channels abound on PlayStation Vue in the various packages you can order. These channels include CNN, CNBC, FOX News, and MSNBC. Vue also offers some local channels in select cities, so that offers another way that you can watch the news online with PlayStation Vue (review).

The upside here is that you get several news channels plus the ability to watch a plethora of other popular content. You can watch Vue on PS3/PS4, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and other devices.

Like other streaming services, PlayStation Vue does offer a free 7-day trial for those interested.


Free Online News Options

If you’re not looking for a traditional, cable news source you do have a few free options that are worth considering.

Bloomberg TV allows for live streaming of their content all day without a cable subscription. You can watch the Bloomberg TV streaming newscast on Roku, Apple TV, and with other streaming devices. You’ll have some commercials, but at the end of the day, it’s free. is your only option for a top U.S. network that offers a free streaming newscast. Each show lasts about one-hour and while you won’t see the same people that you might if you turned on the TV, these journalists are all capable and worth watching. You can watch all-day, as the shows run on a 24/7 format. You can access these newscasts on Roku, mobile devices, Apple TV, and other devices.

HuffPo has long been a source for print news around the world, but they are also adding live newscasts to go along with their print news and commentary. Of course, Huffington Post journalists are a little more relaxed in their newscasts. As they are often performed via Skype, you tend to find journalists in their apartment, no matter what it looks like! On a positive note, you can watch in a variety of ways including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and mobile devices.

NewsOn is a great way to watch live newscasts from around the country. You can choose from categories ranging from “Featured” to “Seriously”? Take your pick of news options because whether you want weather or celebrity news, it’s available with NewsOn. You can watch NewsOn with Amazon Fire devices, iOS or Android, and Roku.

Shift by MSNBC is similar to MSNBC, but it focuses more on politics and it’s free to watch without cable. The downside to Shift is that you can only watch it online. Of course, if you have Chromecast you could stream it to your TV. You can also watch the best videos of the day if the live feed isn’t playing something of interest to you.

You can also watch local news for free using a digital antenna. If you pair that with an over-the-air DVR, you’ll even have the ability to DVR the news and in some cases you can send those recordings to your devices to watch wherever you want!


Are There Other Options to Watch the News Online?

This covers most of the legit and legal options that you have. Of course, there are new streaming devices like Hulu Live and VIDGO on the horizon and it’s likely that they will offer a few new options, if not more.

If you have any questions about how to watch the news online, feel free to leave them in the comments.