How to Watch the NLDS Online without Cable

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Sling TV has three inexpensive packages that allow you to stream sports on the cheap. Stream the complete MLB lineup from $40 per month. Prices include an on-demand library. Get 7 days free.

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fuboTV offers more than 95 channels in their main package. You can add even more channels for a fee. Sports fans will have plenty to watch between live and on-demand coverage. Get 7 days free.

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Hulu with Live TV includes more than 60 channels for $45 per month. Hulu on-demand is also included. Other perks include five user profiles and a cloud-DVR with 50-hours of space. Get 7 days free.

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The NLDS or the National League Division Series brings around the end of the MLB season. During the NLDS you’ll find four National League teams fighting to be one of the remaining two. The two remaining teams head to the NLCS and that winner is World Series bound. Are you a baseball fan looking for a way to watch the NLDS online? If you are, you’re in the right place!

In order to watch the NLDS online you’re going to need a few channels. Channels airing games include FOX, FS1, MLB Network, TBS, and ESPN. Games could air on any of those channels, so the more of them you have access to, the better. Luckily, you can find all of those channels and more through most streaming services. Keep reading to find out your options to stream the NLDS games this season.


Watch the NLDS Online with Sling TV

Sports streaming is rarely cheaper than it is here

Sling TV Review

Sling TV is going to be one of your cheapest options in terms of sports streaming. To get the most amount of coverage, you’ll want the Orange + Blue package. This is the most expensive package that Sling TV offers. It’s currently $40 per month and it offers around 50 channels. As far as NLDS streaming goes you’ll have FOX (in a few areas), ESPN, FS1, and TBS. From there, you can add MLB Network which is in the Sports Extra package. This side bundle will give you access to numerous sports channels for just $10/month.

Add Bundle Packs to Increase your Channel Count

Sling TV offers a wide range of features in addition to just standard live TV. You’ll have access to TV Everywhere apps (WatchESPN included), an on-demand library, and the ability to stream on three devices simultaneously. A cloud-DVR is available, but it’s not included. You can watch the NLDS live stream on mobile devices, Apple TV, computers, Roku, Chromecast, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more. Make sure to visit our Sling TV review if you want to learn more.

Sling TV highlights:

  • Three package options available
  • Orange + Blue offers over 50 channels for $40/month
  • Watch more content in the on-demand library
  • The Sports Extra bundle offers MLB Network and several other channels
  • If you want a cloud-DVR it will cost more
  • Watch on Roku, computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, Chromecast, and Apple TV
  • Check out current member specials here
  • Give Sling TV a try during the free week trial


fuboTV Also Offers an NLDS Live Stream

Several sports channels are available, though ESPN is missing

fuboTV logo

fuboTV offers over 95 channels in one package. This is the biggest starting package in streaming. You should be able to find something for everyone to watch and that goes double for sports fans. More than 30 of the included channels offer sports content. Where NLDS streaming is concerned you’ll have FOX (in many areas), FS1, and TBS. Unfortunately, MLB Network and ESPN are absent from this package. Packages start at $55 per month, after a $10 discount during your first month.

No Contracts Mean You Can Cancel Anytime

Like other services, fuboTV offers a complete entertainment package. You’ll have access to a wide range of TV Everywhere apps. You can also watch TV using 3-Day Replay in the on-demand library. If you want to save shows yourself, there’s an included cloud-DVR with upgradeable space. As far as streaming goes, you can watch the NLDS online with computers, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices, Chromecast, and more! Don’t forget to visit our fuboTV review.

fuboTV details:

  • $55/month
  • $10 off during your first month
  • 95+ channels with 30+ sports channels
  • A cloud-based DVR is included, and space is upgradable
  • Watch on Chromecast, Roku, computers, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV
  • Watch more in the on-demand library
  • Here’s how you can check out the free week trial


Don’t Miss the NLDS Live Stream on Hulu Live

Over 60 live channels paired with Hulu on-demand


Hulu Live is one of the top choices for cable replacement. That’s likely because they offer great coverage in terms of most local channels (including FOX), the price is right ($45/month), and they offer plenty of popular sports, news, and general entertainment channels. As far as MLB streaming goes, you’ll have everything you need except MLB Network. That said, you’ll be able to stream NLDS games on FOX, FS1, ESPN, and TBS without a problem.

Part of Your Package Includes the Standard Hulu Service

Live TV is great, but if you’re a fan of Hulu on-demand, you’ll love that the classic service is included here, also. This means you get the best of both live and on-demand TV. If you want to save shows to watch later, there’s a cloud-DVR featuring 50-hours of space. If you need more space, an upgrade is available. You’ll be free to stream NLDS games on computers, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and more.

Hulu with Live TV highlights:

  • Packages start at $45/month
  • Watch more than 60+ live channels
  • No contracts!
  • Most areas have local channels
  • Watch on Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, mobile devices, computers, and more
  • Hulu on-demand service is part of the package
  • The cloud-DVR includes 50-hours of storage space
  • Hulu Live is free when you sign up for the free seven-day trial


PlayStation Vue – Watch NLDS Games Streaming

Three of the four packages offer a complete MLB season

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue allows you to choose from four packages, but if you’re looking for MLB coverage, you’ll want to start with the Core package. The Core plan is the cheapest option that includes all of the channels that offer MLB games. You’ll have FOX and other local channels in many areas. You’ll also have MLB Network, TBS, FS1, and ESPN. Many other channels are also included. If you want more channels, there are larger packages, or you can opt for a standalone addition like HBO or another popular channel. The Core plan starts at $55 per month.

Stream on 5 Devices Simultaneously

playstation vue

PS Vue offers a full on-demand library in case you missed something live. Of course, you can also save things to your cloud-DVR. Shows are saved for 28-days. TV Everywhere apps are compatible based on the channels in your package. Family features allow you to make user profiles and to stream on multiple devices at the same time. You can watch NLDS online with PS3 and PS4, iOS and Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. Mobile devices are also compatible. Check out PS Vue’s free 5-day trial to learn more!

PS Vue details:

  • Four package options
  • Start with the Core Plan ($55/month) for complete MLB coverage
  • 50+ channels to start with add-ons available
  • Make user profiles for the family
  • The cloud-DVR holds shows for up to 28-days
  • Stream on five devices at once
  • Watch on PS3/PS4 consoles, iOS/Android, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and more
  • Check out PS Vue during the free five-day trial


Stream the NLDS Games without Cable on AT&T NOW

Several packages are available with optional add-ons


AT&T NOW, formerly DIRECTV NOW, gives you the option between multiple packages. The basic package starts with over 40 channels for $50 per month. This package includes FOX (in some areas), FS1, ESPN, TBS, and even HBO. MLB Network is missing, however. Still, if you want a package that includes HBO, this might be a good option for you. You can also use TV Everywhere apps including WatchESPN, FOX Sports Go, and others. Larger packages may offer MLB Network, though they tend to be pricier than most other services.

A Limited Cloud-DVR is Included

directv now

Along with live TV, you’ll have a decent on-demand library filled with previously aired TV and movies. A cloud-DVR is also available, though space is limited and there isn’t an upgrade available. You can watch NLDS games online with computers, mobile devices, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and other devices. Our AT&T NOW review can tell you more. You can also sign up for the free 7-day trial!

AT&T NOW details:

  • Multiple plans available from $50/month
  • 40+ channels in the Plus plan – more channels in other plans
  • The Plus plan features ESPN, FS1, TBS, local channels (in some areas), HBO, etc.
  • Stream on mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, computers, Apple TV, Roku, and more
  • A cloud-DVR is included
  • Give AT&T NOW a try during the free trial


YouTube TV Features Your Final Way to Watch the NLDS Online

A complete streaming option for $50/month

YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers 70+ channels for $50 a month. This package includes popular TV options like AMC, Syfy, USA, TNT, CNN, Food Network, and more. As far as sports go, you’ll have ESPN, FS1, MLB Network, TBS, and other channels. Local channels are also included in most areas. This means you should be covered where NLDS streaming is concerned. You can stream TV through the YouTube TV interface or you can watch through TV Everywhere apps.

You Can’t Beat the Cloud-DVR with Unlimited Space

youtube tv menu

YouTube TV allows families to make up to six user profiles. Streaming can be done on several devices at the same time. The included cloud-DVR comes with unlimited space. All recordings are held for up to nine-months, which is great for binge-watchers. You can stream on Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, mobile devices, and Amazon Fire TV. Our YouTube TV review has more details.

YouTube TV details:

  • 70+ channels for $50 per month
  • Watch on Fire TV, computers, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, mobile devices, etc.
  • An on-demand library is included
  • Unlimited storage comes with the cloud-DVR
  • TV Everywhere apps are included for many networks including TBS, ESPN, and others
  • Here’s your chance to sign up for the YouTube TV free trial

If you have any questions about how to watch sports online or on how to watch the NLDS online, let us know in the comments.