How to Watch the Ranch Online without Cable


The Ranch is a comedy filled with popular celebrities. Debra Winger and Sam Elliott play Maggie and Beau Bennett. Currently divorced, Maggie owns a bar while Beau runs the family ranch. Danny Masterson plays son Rooster. He is the eldest of two sons who lives and works on the ranch. Ashton Kutcher plays, younger and more popular son, Colt. He tried to get out of dodge and the family business by becoming a football star, but the NFL never came calling and he ended up heading home after more than a decade.

The Ranch channel isn’t really a channel at all. That’s because The Ranch airs exclusively on Netflix. This is actually great news for cord cutters. There is no need to worry about whether your service carries The Ranch Channel. You just know that if you have Netflix you’ll have a way to stream The Ranch episodes without a problem. While there is technically no such thing as The Ranch live stream, as Netflix isn’t a live stream service. That said, you will be able to binge watch The Ranch online, as all of the ten The Ranch episodes from the second season will arrive on Netflix on June 16.


Stream The Ranch Episodes on Netflix


Netflix is the oldest and the most popular of all of the streaming subscription services. Today, you have a variety of options that will create a package between $7.99 and $11.99 per month. The content package is the same no matter what. The difference comes in the amount of screens that can be watched at one time and the viewing quality of the package. For example, the $7.99 package will get you one screen in standard definition. For obvious reasons, this package is not recommended for a family full of Netflix users that share the same account. The top tier plan is $11.99/month and you get the ability to watch 4 screens concurrently in either HD or Ultra HD.

When Netflix started they were popular because of the sheer amount of content that was available. Both Hollywood Blockbusters and Indy films are available and TV shows ranging from shows still on the air to Classics are available. While this is still a pretty good selling point, the fact that Netflix has as many as 40 or more original TV shows and movies, makes Netflix a must have streaming service for many people.

If you want to watch Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Grace and Frankie, Sense8, Bloodline, or Stranger Things you need Netflix. Netflix is also in the business of acquiring the licensing rights to some overseas shows that people in the US can now watch.

You can watch Netflix on gaming consoles, Roku, Chromecast, smart TVs, mobile devices, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and all other major streaming devices.

When you sign up for a Netflix membership, assuming you don’t already have one, you’ll get a 30-day membership. This will give you enough time to watch The Ranch online free all the way through! You can learn more in our Netflix review.


What Channel is The Ranch On?

You can only stream The Ranch episodes through Netflix. There is no other way to watch The Ranch online. You can learn more about Netflix and The Ranch streaming in the sections above.


What Time will The Ranch Part 3 be Released on Netflix?

Netflix always releases their shows at 12 a.m. PT or 3 a.m. ET on the day of their release. As for The Ranch streaming release, that means that you’ll be able to watch The Ranch online at 3 a.m. ET on June 16.

Watching The Ranch without cable is simple, since it’s on Netflix! If you have any questions that can’t be answered in this guide on how to watch The Ranch online or our Netflix review, feel free to leave them in the comments!