How to Watch The Standups Online without Cable

Watch The Standups online and discover the freshest, most vibrant comedic talent breaking into the scene! Streaming giant Netflix is investing in comedy in a big way, compiling this series of half-hour sets from rising comedy stars for its audience to experience.

Filmed on stage in LA, The Standups features Nate Bargatze, Deon Cole, Fortune Feimster, Nikki Glaser, Dan Soder, and Beth Stelling. Expect to laugh, and cringe, and empathize, and then laugh some more. The six episodes unfold jokes, confessions, and surprises galore. Below you’ll find out how to watch The Standups online without cable.


Watch The Standups Online on Netflix

Watch The Standups Online

Not content to rest on its laurels, Netflix is busy producing original content and curating talent, as manifested in this comedy series. It’s the most popular U.S. streaming service, with a truly vast collection of movies and TV across all genres. To watch The Standups streaming, you can become one of the over 80 million people who are already subscribed. Because this is a show produced by Netflix, you won’t be able to stream The Standups anywhere else.

Netflix plans start at $7.99 and go up only to $11.99, so it’s a very affordable service, and certainly the only place you’ll find The Standups streaming. The more expensive plans give you more HD access and allow you to stream to more devices. And speaking of that, you can stream The Standups episodes to gaming consoles, phones, smart TVs, computers of course, and much more. And you get access to all of Netflix’s other content, from blockbuster movies to obscure documentaries.

To watch The Standups online free, sign up for one of Netflix’s FREE trials! Check out our Netflix REVIEW to get a complete overview of the service and figure out if it works for you to watch The Standups online.


Is The Standups on Hulu?

Watch The Standups Online

Hulu doesn’t have The Standups streaming, and won’t get it in future. To read up on Hulu, here’s our Hulu review.


Is The Standups on Amazon Prime?

Watch The Standups Online

Amazon doesn’t stream The Standups, since it’s a Netflix original, and won’t in the future either. To see what Amazon does have, read the Amazon Prime Video review.


What Channel is The Standups On?

Looking for The Standups channel? The Standups is on Netflix. The Standups air time is July 4, 2017. To get the Netflix stream, become a subscriber! Read our Netflix review to find out how.

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