How to Watch the Super Bowl on Roku (2019)

On Sunday, February 3, fans all over the world will be glued to their television sets to watch Super Bowl LIII. Kickoff will be televised on CBS at 6:30 pm ET. This year the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will fight to win the final game of the season. Both teams had a rough road getting here, having to win away games in overtime. If you’ve cut the cord and are looking for a way to watch the Super Bowl online, you have plenty of options. In fact, this article is dedicated to one of the more popular streaming devices. Keep reading and you’ll learn all you need to know to watch the Super Bowl on Roku!

This guide offers all of the ways to watch the Super Bowl live stream on Roku. If you do not own a Roku, they are inexpensive and a great tool to have if you’ve cut the cord. Roku offers thousands of apps for movies, TV, music, and even games. The services below are all ways that you can watch the Super Bowl online on Roku.


How to Watch the Super Bowl on Roku

The process for watching the Super Bowl live stream on Roku is a pretty easy one. First, you need to pick the service you want to use. Luckily, all of the available ways to watch the Super Bowl on Roku have been listed below. If you sign up at the right time, you may even be able to use a free trial for services like Hulu Live to watch the Super Bowl on Roku online free! Once you pick the service you like, you can download the app to your Roku (if you haven’t already done it). This will allow you to sign in to your streaming account and to watch the Super Bowl online with your Roku device.


Watch the Super Bowl Live Stream on Roku with CBS All Access

CBS All Access is the standalone streaming service for CBS. Most areas in the country will be able to watch the CBS live stream. In the event, you’re in one of the few areas that does not get the CBS live stream, there’s also a full on-demand library. The library includes new shows within 24-hours of airtime. You’ll be able to enjoy thousands of hours of current and classic CBS shows and events.

If you’re interested in CBS All Access, you should check out our CBS All Access review. Make sure to take the time to sign up for the CBS All Access 7-day free trial. This will give you a chance to watch the Super Bowl on Roku streaming free! CBS All Access is available for $5.99 a month.


Stream the Super Bowl on Roku and Hulu with Live TV


Hulu with Live TV offers 50+ channels for $40 per month. Local channels like CBS are available in many areas. Also included are ESPN, TNT, and other channels. Hulu’s on-demand library is included in your package at no additional charge. This means you have access to 24/7 live TV and a full on-demand library with all kinds of movies and TV shows.

You can watch Hulu Live on most devices, including Roku. You can also stream the Super Bowl on Roku using TV Everywhere apps. Just sign in to your streaming service and pull up the app you want to watch. The included cloud-based DVR offers 50-hours of space. There’s a Hulu with Live TV free one-week trial available. You can learn more in our Hulu review.


Watch the Super Bowl on Roku using fuboTV

fuboTV logo

fuboTV offers over 70+ channels in their only package. This is a service that is best suited for sports fans. You’ll receive access to some local channels, including CBS in many parts of the country. Regional sports channels like FOX Sports are also included. Other channels like USA, TNT, and even International sports channels are also part of your package. Other sports and movie channels can also be added to your package for a fee.

fuboTV is available free for one-week, which gives you a chance to watch the Super Bowl on Roku for free! Your account would also include the use of TV Everywhere apps, an on-demand library, and a cloud-DVR. While the actual package is $45 per month, the first month after the trial is available for $40. Our fuboTV review is a great way to learn more!


DIRECTV NOW Offers the Super Bowl Live Stream on Roku

DIRECTV NOW will let you watch the Super Bowl on Roku if you’re in an area that receives CBS. Most major cities and many smaller ones should be covered! Package options start at $40 and give you 60+ to 125+ channels depending on your package. An on-demand library is also included. A large variety of TV Everywhere apps are also compatible based on the channels in your package.

DIRECTV NOW works on many devices and Roku is one of them. A cloud-based DVR with limited space is offered in every package. Trying the DIRECTV NOW 1-week trial will allow you to watch the Super Bowl on Roku online free. Another way to learn more is with our DIRECTV NOW review.


Watch the Super Bowl on Roku Streaming on YouTube TV

YouTube TVYouTube TV has one package that comes with over 50 channels for $40 per month. Striving to offer local channels to as many areas as possible, YouTube TV mainly serves areas that will have access to those channels. So, you should have CBS and other local channels in your package. Many other networks like AMC, Syfy, TNT, USA, and others are included.

All packages include a cloud-based DVR with unlimited storage space, TV Everywhere apps based on the channels in your package, and an on-demand library. You can stream on Roku and several other devices including mobile devices and your computer. If you want to know more, you can visit our YouTube TV review. There’s also a YouTube TV free weeklong trial.


You can Stream the Super Bowl on Roku with PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue offers CBS in many areas of the country. Over 50+ channels are available in the first package and more channels can be found in the other packages. PS Vue prices start at $45 per month. Channels will vary based on the package but could include channels like AMC, Discovery, USA, TNT, ESPN, TBS, and many others.

You’ll be able to watch PS Vue programming live or in the on-demand library. You can also record it using your cloud-based DVR. You don’t need a PlayStation to use PS Vue. You’ll be able watch the Super Bowl on Roku and many other devices using PS Vue. Our PS Vue review can tell you more. PlayStation Vue offers the first five days free, so you can try out the service!

That covers the available ways to watch the Super Bowl on Roku. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments if you have any. You can also visit our sports guide to find out about streaming other sports on Roku.