How to Watch The Young Pope Online without Cable

Jude Law comes to television as an orphaned man named Lenny, the newly elected Pope Pius, head of the Catholic Church. Refusing to follow in his predecessors’ footsteps, Lenny wants to bring back all of the conservative values the liberal pope before him turned a blind eye to, in order to restore the church. Of course, wanting to move the church backwards comes with plenty of opposition and even more drama. Check it out in The Young Pope.

The Young Pope will land on HBO on January 15 at 9 p.m. ET. Cord cutters don’t need to worry about finding a way to watch The Young Pope online because there are plenty of ways. From live streaming to channel add-ons, there is no shortage of ways to stream The Young Pope and other HBO shows!


Watch The Young Pope Streaming on DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW is known for being the newest and the most expensive streaming platform, to date. The benefits to DIRECTV NOW include a lack of mobile restrictions (you can watch from anywhere), the ability to add HBO for just $5 a month (the lowest price in streaming), and a guide that makes channel surfing simple. You can choose from numerous packages that start at $35 a month. These packages include channels like AMC, Comedy Central, Disney, FX, History, Syfy, and USA. Depending on your location you may receive some local channels, also. DIRECTV NOW works on plenty of streaming services including mobile devices, Chromecast, and Apple TV.

A free 7-day trial is available so you can try out DIRECTV NOW. If you remain a member you can prepay for your service and DIRECTV NOW will give you free streaming devices. Check out our DIRECTV NOW review if you want more information.

The DIRECTV NOW free trial will give you 7-days for free!


Watch The Young Pope Live Stream on Sling TV

sling tv

Sling TV has the distinction of being the cheapest streaming service available that offers live stream service. For just $20 you can get more than 25 channels like AMC, A&E, BBC America, Disney, and many other channels. If you want to watch channels not in your lineup you can just add them on. To watch The Young Pope live stream, just add HBO. Adding HBO costs $15 a month, which is the cost of adding on HBO NOW. This gives you everything you’d receive in HBO NOW. The only difference is you’ll get to watch everything from one app rather than having to switch between the two services. You can watch Sling TV on Chromecast, Apple TV, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and most other devices.

Want to give Sling a try? Sign up for their free 7-day trial! This is a great opportunity to watch The Young Pope online free. Keep your membership and you’ll be eligible for special member deals, as well. Here’s our Sling TV review and don’t forget to sign up for that Sling TV trial!


Watch The Young Pope Full Episodes on PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue review

PlayStation Vue is a live streaming service that gives you a selection of cable channels at a reduced fee. You can get the base package of Vue for just $30 a month and you can add HBO for an additional $15. In your main package, you will receive channels like AMC, Food Network, History, TBS, and TNT. You can watch Vue on PS3 and PS4, Chromecast, Roku, and other streaming devices. Despite being available on mobile devices, Vue does not allow you to use Vue outside of your home.

As these mobile restrictions will be a deal breaker for some, take the time to sign up for the free PlayStation Vue trial that lasts for a full week. It won’t take long to realize if Vue will work for your streaming needs. If you want to learn more you can check out our full review.


Is The Young Pope on Hulu?


The best way to stream The Young Pope is going to be on a service that offers HBO. The best way to do that is with a service like HBO NOW. It’s unlikely that you will be able to watch The Young Pope streaming on Hulu while the show is still airing on HBO. Here’s more on Hulu.


Is The Young Pope on Amazon Prime?

amazon prime video review

While Amazon Prime doesn’t offer The Young Pope streaming on its own, if you’re a member of Amazon Prime you can sign up for the HBO channel, which would give you access to The Young Pope full episodes and all of the other HBO shows.

Amazon Prime offers 2-day shipping, but a lot more comes with it. In addition to the million song music library in Amazon Music, you receive thousands of movies and full seasons of TV shows in Prime Video. You also get a free audiobook each month from Audible, and access to exclusive sales. These days, you’re able to choose from the $99 annual plan or you can get a monthly subscription. In the monthly subscription you can get the full plan for $10.99 a month or you can opt for just Prime Video at $8.99 a month.

As a Prime member you can sign up for channels. In the case of HBO, you’ll receive the same movies and full seasons of HBO shows that you would if you were a member of HBO NOW. While not live stream, The Young Pope full episodes will be released when they air on TV, which makes the viewing similar to live streaming. While channel prices do vary, HBO will run you $14.99 a month after the trial is over.

Prime video works on most streaming devices from mobile options to gaming consoles. When you sign up, Prime offers an awesome 30-day trial. This Amazon free trial is a great way to watch The Young Pope online free!

You can learn more from our full review and make sure to sign up for that free trial to get caught up on all of your favorite HBO shows!


Is The Young Pope on Netflix?


While it’s possible that The Young Pope will be on Netflix at some point, I wouldn’t hold your breath about an early release. It’s likely that the series would need to air before you could stream The Young Pope on Netflix (review).


Watch The Young Pope Live Stream on HBO NOW

HBO NOW review

HBO NOW is a great way to watch HBO if you’re a cord cutter. Similar to HBO GO, with NOW you get everything that cable users get with GO, it’s just cheaper and not attached to a cable subscription. With HBO NOW, you are able to watch all of the shows that have aired on HBO in recent years, including every episode of new shows, as soon as they air. You’ll also have access to HBO documentaries and specials along with hundreds of movies.

HBO NOW is available to subscribers for $15 a month. You can watch HBO NOW on mobile devices, Chromecast, gaming consoles, and other streaming devices. When you sign up to HBO NOW you’ll be granted a 30-day trial, to watch The Young Pope online free, and decide if the service is what you’ve been looking for. Here’s our review of HBO NOW if you’d like more information.

Are you still unsure of how to watch The Young Pope streaming? If so, just leave your questions in the comments!