How to Watch Treehouse Masters Online without Cable

Pete Nelson is the Treehouse Master. Known for being a tree whisperer, he lets the trees talk when he brings his son and his team of craftsmen to build amazing homes, businesses, and structures that just happen to be in trees! From one-room bungalows to multi-bedroom homes, you can bet you’ve never seen treehouses like these! Are you looking for a way to watch Treehouse Masters online? If so, keep on reading!

The Treehouse Masters channel, Animal Planet is gearing up for a new season! You’ll be able to watch new episodes during the regular Treehouse Masters airtime, which begins on August 4 at 9 p.m. ET. This guide will explain the various ways that you can watch Treehouse Masters without cable!

Watch the Treehouse Masters Live Stream on DIRECTV NOW


We have details on how you can watch Treehouse Masters streaming using DIRECTV NOW. Packages start at just $35 a month with 60+ channels! Your channel lineup includes Animal Planet, AMC, ESPN, Cartoon Network, Disney XD, MTV, VH1, BET, Nickelodeon, Spike, and TBS. Add HBO and Cinemax for five dollars a month extra per channel. DIRECTV NOW is available to stream Treehouse Masters episodes on mobile devices, Amazon Fire devices, Chromecast, web browsers, Apple TV, and Roku. Local channel content can be watched on-demand or in live stream in major cities!

The DIRECTV NOW review offers info that further explains what DIRECTV NOW features. Try it out for yourself with the free DIRECTV NOW week trial. Though it’s only for a week, this is one way to sample the service and watch Treehouse Masters online free!

Watch Treehouse Masters Online with PlayStation Vue

Watch Treehouse Masters online using PS Vue for free for a few days! The Vue free 5-day trial is how! Packages start at $40 per month. Receive 45 channels in the base package including Animal Planet, Freeform, Bravo, FX, TBS, History, A&E, AMC, Destination America, Food Network, MSNBC, Travel Channel, and Oxygen. Watch Treehouse Masters streaming using popular streaming devices such as Chromecast and Amazon Fire devices. You can certainly use PS3 and PS4, and, of course, mobile devices and web browsers. The mobile devices limit you to your home location, but you can watch Vue content using TV Everywhere apps.

Don’t forget the free five-day trial, which will allow you to watch Treehouse Masters streaming free during that time. Keep reading and check out our PlayStation Vue review to find out even more about the service.

Is Treehouse Masters on Hulu?


Treehouse Masters streaming is not available through Hulu’s on-demand streaming service. You can learn more about your options concerning Hulu in our Hulu review.

Is Treehouse Masters on Amazon Prime?

Prime Video

It’s not possible to stream Treehouse Masters episodes on Amazon Prime Video. Read our Prime Video review if you’d like added details.

Is Treehouse Masters on Netflix?


Again, you’re out of luck where Netflix is concerned. You won’t be able to stream Treehouse Masters episodes on Netflix. What is Netflix? We’ve got a review that can answer that!

What Channel is Treehouse Masters On?

Animal Planet is the Treehouse Masters channel! As there are multiple ways to watch Animal Planet online, you will have a way to watch Treehouse Masters without cable. One of those ways is DIRECTV NOW. If you’re interested in learning more about the show, check out the Treehouse Masters website before you watch Treehouse Masters streaming!

Hopefully we’ve answered your questions about how to watch Treehouse Masters online, but if not you can always leave us some questions in the comments!

Ashtyn Evans