Twin Peaks The Return Part 14 Live Stream: Watch Online Without Cable

Show/Episode: Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 14 “The Return, Part 14”

Date/Time: Sunday, August 13 at 8 p.m. ET

Channel: Showtime

Watch Twin Peaks Live Stream with: Amazon Prime (free 30-day trial), Sling TV (free 7-day trial)

Next Day, On Demand: Sling TV (free 7-day trial)

International Stream: Streaming options outside of the US

We are like the dreamer. It’s actually more information than you receive in some weeks, but still not a lot to go on. As this is episode 14, there are only four more episodes until the end of the season. Keep reading so we can fill you in on how to watch Twin Peaks The Return Part 14 online!

You’ll need the Showtime live stream to watch Twin Peaks The Return Part 14 without cable. You can watch the Showtime live stream in several different ways, but here we focus on Amazon Channels and Sling TV. Using either service will give you access to the Twin Peaks The Return Part 14 live stream as well as the Showtime on-demand library. This means you get the entire Showtime lineup with all old episodes of your favorite Showtime shows. We’ll also look at a few available on-demand options.


The Twin Peaks The Return Part 14 Live Stream on Amazon Channels

Amazon Channels logo

Amazon Prime provides the most bang for your buck. A host of entertainment perks are included from music to e-books, and our Amazon Prime review can tell you more about all of them. Prime Video is part of the deal and includes thousands of TV shows, originals, and movies. This service is available for $99 every year. Monthly options are available at $11 for the full membership and/or $9 for only Prime Video, though paying monthly does mean you’ll end up paying more. A one-month trial is also included and begins when you sign up!

Amazon Channels are available package add-ons. Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and HBO are all available Amazon Channel add-ons. This gives you access to the full on-demand library as well as the live stream. So, you can watch the Twin Peaks The Return Part 14 live stream or you can stream it later, on-demand. Roku and other devices will allow you to watch Twin Peaks The Return: Part 14 online. Showtime is $9/month and it includes  a 1-week free trial, which also means that you’ll be able to watch Twin Peaks The Return Part 14 online free!


Sling TV – Watch The Twin Peaks The Return Part 14 Live Stream

How does Sling TV work

Sling TV includes a minimum of 30 channels for just $20. You’ll receive ESPN, HGTV, Freeform, AMC, and TNT. Single channel and multiple channel bundle packages are available and start at $5/month. Showtime comes in a bundle for $9/month and it includes numerous Showtime channels. This means a live stream for every Showtime channel as well as the on-demand library that Showtime offers.

You can watch the Twin Peaks The Return: Part 14 live stream on Apple TV, mobile devices, Roku, and Chromecast. Our Sling TV review can tell you more, including details about the Sling TV free trial, which lasts for a full seven days!


Watch Twin Peaks “The Return: Part 14” Online and On-Demand

On-demand movie and TV services are nice because once you buy the content you’re interested in, you can watch it as much or as little as you want on your schedule. You can watch Twin Peaks The Return Part 14 online with services, like Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Vudu. Episodes will be available on Monday, as the show airs on Sunday. Pricing varies slightly based on platform but should be less than $3. You can buy the season pass, which gives you access to every episode at a discount, if you’re planning to buy the entire season.

Our Twin Peaks guide is here to help, assuming you have questions. Our comment section is also open and we’re always here to help!