Twin Peaks The Return Part 15 Live Stream: Watch Online Without Cable

Show/Episode: Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 15 “The Return, Part 15”

Date/Time: Sunday, August 20 at 8 p.m. ET

Channel: Showtime

Watch Twin Peaks Live Stream with: Amazon Prime (free 30-day trial), Sling TV (free 7-day trial)

Next Day, On Demand: Sling TV (free 7-day trial)

International Stream: Streaming options outside of the US

There’s some fear in letting go. It almost seems like this synopsis is coming because the season end is coming closer. Of course, there are a few episodes left to go and as any Twin Peaks fan knows, anything could happen. So, if you’re ready to watch the Twin Peaks The Return Part 15 live stream, keep reading!

To watch Twin Peaks The Return Part 15 online you need the Showtime live stream. This will give you a chance to watch Twin Peaks without cable! There are a variety of options you have to watch Showtime online. Two of the most popular options include Amazon Channels and Sling TV. With both services, you will have a way to watch the Twin Peaks The Return Part 15 live stream and you’ll also have the complete Showtime on-demand library. This means you can go back and watch Twin Peaks from the very first episode if you want! After we look at these services, on-demand options will be discussed!


Amazon Channels – Watch the Twin Peaks The Return Part 15 Live Stream

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Amazon Prime may cost $99/year, but as our Amazon Prime review points out, it gives you the most entertainment options for your money. One of the most popular options it offers is Prime Video. This gives you access to Amazon Original content, alongside tens of thousands of movies and TV shows. If you can’t afford an annual fee, you can pay $11/month for the Prime membership. A cheaper option with just Prime Video is also available for $9/month. A 30-day trial is included when you sign up, so you have a full month to decide if Amazon Prime is right for you!

You can add channel add-ons to your package with Amazon. There are multiple channels available and they all cost a different monthly fee. One of those channels is Showtime. For $9/month you’ll get the Twin Peaks The Return Part 15 live stream. You can watch multiple Showtime live streams and you’ll have the full Showtime on-demand library which means all your favorite Showtime shows from their pilot episode! You can watch Twin Peaks The Return Part 15 online with Chromecast, Roku and mobile devices. A one-week free trial for your Showtime Channel is available, so even current Amazon Prime members can still watch Twin Peaks The Return Part 15 online free when they sign up for the Showtime Amazon channel.


Watch The Twin Peaks “The Return: Part 15” Online with Sling TV

Sling TV Review

Sling TV has packages that start at 30 channels and $20/month. Your package includes Lifetime, Freeform, AMC, TBS, A&E, CNN, TNT, and more. You can add channels, including Showtime, starting at $5/month. Showtime is available in a bundle of Showtime channels for $9/month. With Sling TV, you receive the Showtime live stream and the entire Showtime on-demand library.

The Twin Peaks The Return: Part 15 live stream is available on Chromecast, Apple TV, mobile devices, and Roku. You can read our Sling TV review to learn more. It even offers info about Sling TV’s free trial, which is available for a full week!


On-Demand Options – Watch Twin Peaks “The Return: Part 15” Online

There are other ways to watch TV online beyond the live stream. If you want other options to watch Twin Peaks The Return: Part 15 online, it will be available on-demand the day after it airs on TV. You can buy episodes, which usually cost no more than $3/per episode and you will receive them as soon as a day after they have aired on TV. A few options to watch Twin Peaks The Return: Part 15 online include Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and iTunes. If you want to save money, consider the season pass, as this will give you the entire season at a discounted price.

Our Twin Peaks guide is available to help clear up any confusion. You can also leave us a comment if that is easier for you!