Twin Peaks The Return: Part 2 Live Stream: Watch Online without Cable


Show/Episode: Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 2 “The Return, Part 2”

Date/Time: Sunday, May 21 at 9 p.m. ET

Channel: Showtime

Watch Twin Peaks Live Stream with: Amazon Prime (free 30-day trial), Sling TV (free 7-day trial)

Next Day, On Demand: Sling TV (free 7-day trial)

International Stream: Streaming options outside of the US

Hawk begins looking for something in the woods. Meanwhile, Cooper discovers that his destiny where the Black Lodge is concerned might not be set in stone, after all. As Twin Peaks Season 3 begins events start 25-years after homecoming queen, Laura Palmer’s murder.

Let me guess. You’re here because you’re a cord cutter, and you don’t want to miss the chance to watch Twin Peaks online? Well, just keep reading and you’ll learn the details on how to watch Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 2 online!


Watch Twin Peaks “The Return: Part 2” Online or On-Demand

These days, cable is optional. What you need now, is a way to watch the Showtime live stream. Both Amazon Prime and Sling TV are good ways to watch Twin Peaks S3 E2 online. If those options aren’t going to work for you, we’ll also discuss Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 2 “The Return, Part 2” streaming on-demand.


Amazon Channels Offers the Twin Peaks “The Return, Part 2” Live Stream

Amazon Prime is a service that includes free 2-day shipping, a music library, free e-books, and much more. Prime Video is also included, which offers original content alongside a movie and TV library with thousands of titles. Feel free to visit our Amazon Prime review if you’d like to learn more. Memberships start with a 30-day trial and from there you have three payment options. The annual membership is $99. The monthly plan is $10.99 for the full membership or $8.99 if you just want access to Prime Video.

Amazon Channels is how you’ll be able to watch Showtime online. In fact, Showtime is just one of the channels available to you with Amazon Channels. As far as Showtime is concerned, after a free one-week trial $9/month will be charged. You’ll receive everything you would from Showtime just like if you signed up directly through Showtime. You can watch Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 2 online on Roku, Apple TV, mobile devices, Xbox, and other devices.


Watch Twin Peaks “The Return: Part 2” Online with Sling TV

How does Sling TV work

Sling TV is available for $20 a month. Your package offers Cartoon Network, Freeform, A&E, AMC, TNT, Disney, ESPN, CNN, and HGTV. You can also add channels to your package. Take your pick between bundle packages or single options like Showtime. With Showtime, you can watch the Twin Peaks “The Return: Part 2” live stream on Roku, Chromecast, and most other streaming devices. You can learn more with our Sling TV review.

Don’t forget your Sling TV free trial! You’ll have one free week of service! This is one of very few chances to watch Twin Peaks “The Return: Part 2” online free!


New Ways to Watch Twin Peaks S3, E2 Online On-Demand

The first four episodes of Twin Peaks are available online. You can use one of the live stream services mentioned above to watch them or you can watch Twin Peaks “The Return: Part 2” on-demand. The benefit to buying is that you own the episodes and can watch when you want. You also will be able to use services like Amazon Instant Video or iTunes to buy episodes, which means that you can watch them on most devices. Episodes are generally under $3/per episode and you can save by buying the season pass.

Our Twin Peaks guide can tell you more about how to watch Twin Peaks online without a cable subscription!