How to Watch Twin Peaks Online without Cable


Known for inventing modern television as we know it, Twin Peaks was before its time in many ways. The new 18-part event series will take place precisely 25-years after homecoming queen, Laura Palmer was murdered. Twin Peaks is written and directed by David Lynch. Much of the cast has returned, too.

The Twin Peaks channel, Showtime, will air the new series starting on May 21 at 9 p.m. ET. Gone are the days when you need cable to watch Showtime. These days, you can use a variety of methods to watch Twin Peaks online. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how to stream Twin Peaks without cable!


Stream Twin Peaks Episodes on Amazon Prime

Prime Video

Amazon Prime provides free 2-day shipping on any number of items. While the shipping deal is nice, it’s the extra perks that make Amazon Prime worth signing up for! You’ll have millions of songs in your Amazon Music library, thousands of movies and TV shows in Prime Video, exclusive sales, and even free e-books. You’ll also have access to Amazon Original films like Manchester by Sea and TV shows like The Man in the High Castle. All of this is available for $99 a year ($8.75 a month). If you don’t want annual payments, you can sign up for Prime Video for just $9/month or grab the full Prime membership for $12/month.

Amazon Channels is also available. With Amazon Channels, you’ll get to add premium content that’s not otherwise available on Prime Video. Showtime is one channel that is available. You’ll get all the movies you would with Showtime Anytime, but plus every Showtime series and each episode that has currently aired. Depending on how to stream Prime Video, you can even watch the Twin Peaks live stream. You’ll be able to watch Prime Video with Roku, Chromecast, smart TVs, Apple TV, and other devices. You’ll even receive a free week trial for each channel you sign up for.

If you’re new to Prime you also receive a free month as a trial! If you still have questions, make sure to check out our Amazon Prime review.


Watch the Twin Peaks Live Stream on Sling TV

How does Sling TV work

What is Sling TV? If you’re unfamiliar, Sling TV is a live stream service. It’s known for being the cheapest service around, with packages that start at just $20/month. This package includes AMC, CNN, TNT, Food Network, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, A&E, ESPN, and TBS. More channels are available to be added for a small fee. One of those channels is Showtime, and it’s available for under $10/month. HBO is also available, along with a variety of bundle packages. You will be able to stream Twin Peaks on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and mobile devices. An on-demand library is also available, so if you miss Twin Peaks live stream, you can watch it later on-demand!

A 7-day trial is available for all new members. You may also be able to score a free streaming device, if you check the current offers!


Watch Twin Peaks Online with PlayStation Vue

Cancel PlayStation Vue

PS Vue is a live stream service that was created by Sony. While the name might suggest it, you do not need to own or even use a PlayStation to watch TV with PS Vue. You can stream TV on PS3/PS4, but also on iOS, Chromecast, Roku, and other devices. PS Vue starts with a basic package at $30 a month and 45 channels. You’ll be able to watch AMC, History, Disney, USA, Discovery, FOX News, Syfy, and other channels. You can add Showtime and other channels to the mix if you want. You can watch Showtime online for $9/month. This includes everything you’d get with Showtime Anytime, including a catalog of films and all current (as well as many former) Showtime shows with every aired episode.

Mobile restrictions may block you from watching Twin Peaks streaming when you’re out of the home. However, using TV Everywhere apps can bypass this issue. Vue offers 5-days free to all new members, so give it a shot and see if you like it! Our PS Vue review is here if you have any more questions.


Stream Twin Peaks Episodes on Hulu

How to Cancel Hulu

All that stands between you and the Twin Peaks live stream on Hulu is a Hulu membership and an additional $9/month. Hulu even offers you a free weeklong trial, which gives you access to watch Twin Peaks online free. Adding Showtime’s add-on package, gives you full access to the Showtime TV library and hundreds of movies offered by Showtime. The standard Hulu package is available at $8 or $12 a month, depending on whether or not you want commercials. You will have new episodes from many local and cable channels as soon as a day after they air, a full library of TV shows with full seasons, a movie library, and a collection of Hulu Original content.

You’ll be able to learn more in our Hulu review. You can watch Twin Peaks online with Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, iOS, and more! Remember, there’s a 7-day trial with your name on it!

You should know all you need to know to watch Twin Peaks online. Still, if you’ve got questions, you should certainly add them to the comments.