How to Watch Viceland Live Stream Online without Cable

If news and pop culture geared toward the millennial generation is your jam, then you will want to know how to watch the Viceland live stream if you give up cable. And there may not be anything more hipster than cutting the cord and still keeping up with shows like Weedicate and Gaycation.

And since this is a network geared entirely to the 20-something demographic, it is imperative that is something young fans can still watch after they ditch cable. So, how can you watch Viceland without cable? Here’s how.

Use DIRECTV NOW to Watch Viceland without Cable

viceland live stream

You can try DIRECTV NOW to watch a Viceland live stream. This streaming service offers many of the same benefits as Sling TV, only with more channels and better mobile capabilities. You no longer need a dish or a contract to have access to DIRECTV. Channels like Viceland are streamed over the internet. In addition to hooking up a streaming device to your TV, you can also view with an app on your smartphone, or right in your web browser on your Mac or PC.

The basic package starts at $35 per month. While that is more expensive than some other services, you will have a few more channels right from the get-go, including some that are hard to find elsewhere. If you are used to the guide navigation on cable, DIRECTV NOW is the most similar, meaning it should be an easy switch if you are a brand-new cord cutter.

If you are an AT&T cell customer (that is DIRECTV NOW’s parent company), you will be able to stream all the live television you want from your phone, without incurring data charges! Check out this page to learn more. DIRECTV NOW also often hosts deals such as a discount off of a new streaming player if you sign up for a few months of service in advance. See this link to see all the current streaming deals!

Finally, if you’re ready to give it a try, you can grab a free trial anytime so you can start to watch Viceland without cable ASAP. Or, if you’d like even more info, you can check our complete review here.


Watch the Viceland Live Stream on Sling TV

viceland live stream

More and more cable cutters are considering Sling TV, the first streaming service that offered Viceland streaming. Sling TV is incredibly robust with plenty of networks available. It is also the most affordable option to watch Viceland without cable, but you get fewer channels for the dock in price.

Viceland is available on the Sling Orange package, which is only $20 per month with no contract. You can cancel at any time, but we don’t see why you would. Try it with your tablet, phone, or computer. Or you can invest in a player like Chromecast, Roku, or Apple TV. Sling TV also often has deals on streaming players, so click here to see the current device offers.

Sling TV offers live streaming of every channel, so you can watch every single show on the Viceland live stream seamlessly. What you would see on cable is exactly what you will see streaming with Sling TV. No exceptions. It also has some limited on-demand capabilities, so you may be able to watch some programming at your own convenience.

Read our review here to see how to watch Viceland online live with Sling TV. You can also take advantage of the free trial so you can test out Sling TV before you buy.


Watch the Viceland Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

viceland live streamPlayStation Vue is yet another streaming service that allows you to watch Viceland without cable. It is similar to DTVN in terms of pricing and channel variety, though it is a tad pricier. To watch the Viceland online, you’ll have to pay the starting base price of $39.99. This price, however, does include a convenient cloud DVR feature as well as a healthy variety of TV networks in addition to Viceland. You also get to stream on multiple devices at once, making PS Vue an attractive option for families or households with many members with different taste in TV.

The best way to see if PS Vue is for you is to first check out our review on the service. In our PS Vue review, we go over all the pros and cons, giving you a great look at the service as a whole. You should also give it a try with the free trial period.


Get the Viceland Live Stream with fuboTV

viceland live stream

Your final option for accessing a Viceland live stream is fuboTV. This service was primarily created for sports lovers, but it has since added many general interest channels to appease a wider TV audience (hint: that’s you!). So, if you like sports just as much as your millennial-minded content, fuboTV might be a good choice for you.

The service starts at $34.99 per month, and in addition to a gamut of sports networks and Viceland, you get complimentary cloud DVR and high-definition streams with your subscription. Take a look at our fuboTV review for a full look at the features, and don’t forget to watch Viceland online free with the free trial!


Do you have more questions about how to watch Viceland without cable? Ask in the comments and we’ll answer the best we can.