How to Watch Washington Football Online Without Cable

This season, it won’t be hard for you to watch Washington football online. There are a bunch of different ways to live stream games and you’ll even have plenty of options if you already decided to cut your cable subscription.

The key channels you’ll want to get access to after cutting cable will be ESPN- and FOX-owned channels, as well as Pac-12 Network. Thankfully, these can be easily streamed in several different ways. You can check the Huskies schedule for channel details. The below guide goes into detail on each of the services you can use to watch a Washington Huskies game live stream this year.


Watch Washington Football Online + Enjoy On-Demand Entertainment with Hulu Live

A perfect combo of 50+ live TV stations and a massive on-demand entertainment library


Hulu Live is a great way to watch Washington Huskies games online because it offers many of the important channels to do so – ESPN, FS1, FOX, and regional sports networks. But it’s also just a great way to keep the whole family entertained, with 50+ channels and a huge library of on-demand content to enjoy.


All the Entertainment You Need

This service covers it all. From live sports (including the Washington football live stream) to the latest news to your favorite TV shows, Hulu Live offers it all. And with the on-demand content, there’s truly always something great to watch just a few clicks away!

  • Join for just $40 a month
  • Cancel at any time – Hulu is non-contract
  • Get tons of live sports, news and entertainment channels
  • Get a huge on-demand library of TV shows, Hulu Originals and more
  • Record using the built-in DVR so you never miss a moment!
  • Click here to try Hulu Live out FREE for 7 days

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Use Sling TV to Stream Huskies Games Online for Cheap

A good selection at a great price

Sling TV is a top choice for budget-minded streamers. This service has plans from just $25/month, making it the cheapest major live streaming platform out there.


Washington Huskies Streaming on a Budget

If you’re on a budget, Sling TV may be the best choice. It includes ESPN and its entire family of networks (which broadcast the bulk of college football all season long), and in select markets it even offers FOX, NBC and other regional channels.

  • Covers ESPN family of channels + 20+ other networks
  • Just $25 a month
  • Some areas also get FOX, NBC and other regionals
  • There’s a free 7-day trial available

Our Sling TV review covers all the finer details of this service.



Get the Huskies Game Live Stream via DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW’s massive channel packages offer up to 120+ networks to watch live

DIRECTV NOW has one of the most impressive selections of channels out there. Prices start at $40 a month, with no contract. And the service offers a good way to watch Washington football online!


The Best Selection of Channels

directv now

DIRECTV NOW’s basic package has 60+ networks, while that amount doubles to 120+ in the biggest package. That’s an incredible selection of channels, perfect for those who crave variety in their lives.

  • Watch the Washington Huskies game live stream for most games this season
  • HUGE channel selection
  • Works on most devices
  • Good selection and coverage of local/regional channels
  • Begins at $40 a month
  • Try DIRECTV NOW free for 7 days!

Our DIRECTV NOW review has the full channel list + more details on this service.


Watch Washington Huskies Without Cable via fuboTV

Access a sports fan’s dream come true with fuboTV!

fuboTV logo

fuboTV is a premier sports streaming service with over 70 channels to choose from. The bulk of those channels cover live sports, so there’s no shortage of exciting sports to watch! That said, do note that ESPN is not included.


Sports Fans Rejoice

This service is truly built for sports fans. Networks like FS1, FS2, NBA TV, NBCSN, NFL Network, NBC/FOX regional sports networks and much more come together to offer a killer selection of live sports. And in the guide you can even browse by sport to quickly find just what you’re looking for.

  • Costs $45 a month
  • Missing the ESPN family of networks
  • Over 75 channels are included
  • Lots of local channel coverage
  • You can try it out free for 7 days!

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Use YouTube TV to Watch Huskies Games Online + A Lot More

Google’s new streaming service has room for improvement, but offers a good selection

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another viable option to watch Washington football online. The service offers 50+ channels for $40 a month.


A Decent Selection with Room for Improvement

youtube tv menu

This service has a decent selection of live sports, news and entertainment channels. Local/regional coverage is great. Although, the service is missing some important channels like HGTV, Food Network and Comedy Central.

  • 40 dollars a month – no contract
  • ESPN, Big Ten Network, FS1 and more included to help you watch Huskies football without cable TV
  • Good regional and local channel coverage
  • Has some room for improvement – missing several popular channels
  • You can try YouTube TV free for 7 days!

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Stream Huskies Games + Entertain the Whole Family with PlayStation Vue

Vue works on up to 5 devices at once, so the whole family can watch what they want

PlayStation Vue is ideal for families and large households. It costs $45 a month (so a bit more than most competitors), but offers a pretty good channel selection.


Entertainment for the Whole Family

playstation vue action shot

Vue is best for families, because each household member can easily watch exactly what they want to watch, on their own devices.

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Do you have questions about how to watch Washington football online? Feel free to ask questions in the comments and we’ll be happy to help.

You can also learn more about watching college football online in our other guides. For sports besides football, check out our live sports streaming guide.