How to Watch Yukon Men Online without Cable


Yukon Men is a reality show about a group living on the edge of civilization. Located just 60 miles from the Arctic Circle, in Tanana, Alaska live the Yukon men. A city with no roads going in or out, and where residents depend on one another because of the isolation that they experience. The show follows Stan, Joey, Charlie, and others as this live and fight for this often misunderstood lifestyle.

Yukon Men airs on Discovery Channel. Yukon Men returns on April 21 and airs at 9 p.m. ET. Have you cut the cord yet? If you have you’re probably wondering how you can watch the Yukon Men live stream. The answer is simple! You can watch Yukon Men online without cable!


DIRECTV NOW – Watch the Yukon Men Live Stream Online


You have the opportunity to watch the Yukon Men live stream using the streaming service DIRECTV NOW. Local channel access happens with on demand content. That is, unless you live in the selection of cities that allow for certain channels, like ABC, to offer local content in live stream. You want to look at the four different packages, and start with the base package at $35 per month. This package includes 60+ channels and some of them include TNT, National Geographic, BBC America, AMC, USA, TLC, Investigation Discovery, ESPN, ESPN2, Disney channel, and Nickelodeon! The Discovery live stream is included, too! HBO and Cinemax are just $5 more each month for each individual channel. DIRECTV NOW is watchable using multiple streaming devices, which include Apple TV, Chromecast, and mobile devices amongst others.

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Utilize the DIRECTV NOW free week trial to try the service out before you purchase it.


Stream Yukon Men Episodes on PS Vue

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You can check out the Yukon Men live stream when you watch Playstation Vue. There are multiple Vue packages, and the base package starts at $30/month. You won’t have to pay anything else unless you want to add on premium channels like HBO, which cost an extra fee! Your PS Vue package will include Discovery, ESPN, AMC, TBS, TNT, History, FOX News, and Food Network. You can watch local channels using the local live stream that is available for some channels in certain cities, or you can watch in the on-demand library across the rest of the country! You also never have to miss a single thing, since Vue offers a cloud-based DVR, which will keep your recordings for up to 28 days!

Check out the PS Vue free 5-day trial, which you can utilize by watching the following streaming devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire devices, mobile devices like iPhone, web browsers, Chromecast, and Roku. Mobile devices will not allow you to watch PlayStation Vue outside of your home location, but you can get around that using TV Everywhere apps!

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Is Yukon Men on Hulu?


You won’t be able to watch brand new Yukon Men episodes on Hulu, but they do have a handful of older episodes that are available. As our Hulu review can tell you, Hulu is available in packages that start at $8. You’ll have limited commercials, but you can get rid of those by paying for the no-commercials plan, which is $12/month. Hulu has original content, a full movie library, and TV shows either with full seasons or with limited episodes but with new episodes that are airing on TV. A 30-day trial is available. You can stream Yukon Men with Chromecast, iOS, Android, Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, and other devices.


Is Yukon Men on Amazon Prime?

amazon prime video review

You won’t find Yukon Men episodes on Amazon Prime. While they could be added, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to watch Yukon Men online with Prime anytime soon. You can learn more about Prime in our Amazon Prime review.


Is Yukon Men on Netflix?


You cannot watch Yukon Men streaming on Netflix. Netflix does offer several shows along the same vein as Yukon Men streaming, so it’s possible that it may be added in the future. You can learn more in our Netflix review.

Still questioning how you can watch Yukon Men online without cable? If so just leave your questions in the comments!